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Green Promise® Paints

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Our Green Promise Paints Are Guaranteed to Contain Low or Zero VOCs

The paint industry is filled with definitions of what "green paint" is. The Benjamin Moore Green Promise designation makes it easy for you to identify a truly eco-friendly paint that maintains low or zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels—even after tinting.

Our Green Promise logo appears on the labels of all of our paints that contain low or zero VOCs in thousands of colours.

The Green Promise designation is Benjamin Moore's assurance that its environmentally friendly paints, stains, and other coatings meet—and even exceed—the strictest industry standards and regulations while maintaining the premium level of performance you expect from Benjamin Moore.

See how Green Promise compares to other industry standards.

Learn more about Aura®, our low-VOC premium paint, and Benjamin Moore Natura™, with zero-VOCs.

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