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Paint Education Briefs

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Knowing what causes common paint-related issues will expand your professional expertise and prepare you to head off potential problems—saving you and your clients time, money, and resources. The following information will help you identify problems, be knowledgeable and up-to-date when discussing issues with your clients, and help you specify the optimal paints and other coatings for any job.

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Avoiding Touch-up Problems

Touching up is often necessary to correct problems, but it can bring its own set of issues. Learn how to prevent and correct paint touch-up problems—and the types of paints that will help minimize them.

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Deep-Base Primers

Deeply saturated and darker colours require the proper base coat to bring out their depth, clarity and richness. Learn about Benjamin Moore's tintable deep-base primers, made specifically for use with today's more complex colours.

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Common Interior Paint Problems and Solutions

Most wall paint problems can be corrected. Read these tips on identifying and fixing interior painting problems.

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Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

Yes, it is possible to paint vinyl and aluminum siding successfully. Learn how to get the best results in renewing, restoring, and protecting vinyl and aluminum siding—and about the latest vinyl paint colours.

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Mildew Prevention and Removal

Learn how to discourage mould growth and remove mildew stains through proper preparation and the selection of mould-inhibiting and mould-resistant paints.

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Two-Component Products

For optimal performance, many commercial paints require the mixing of two components on-site before application. Learn about the proper mixing—and choice—of two-component paints.

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Washing Latex Wall Paint

Whether it's a routine cleaning or the removal of specific stains on latex paint, learn the proper techniques and materials needed, as well as which paints are least likely to stain.

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Yellowing of Alkyd Paints

Some paints are more prone to yellowing—especially visible in white and off-white colour schemes. Learn why yellowing occurs and which paints are least likely to yellow over time.

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