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The Best Paint for Cabinetry Jobs

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Contractor painting cabinets with ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint.

Painting cabinets with ADVANCE®.

Cabinets painted with ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd.

Cabinetry painted with ADVANCE®.

Benjamin Moore¿s ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paints & Primer.

The ADVANCE® family of waterborne interior alkyd paints & primer.

Choosing the right paint and doing thorough prep work are essential for achieving a topnotch cabinetry paint job and the desired high-end finish your customers want.

Conventional alkyd-based paints have long been used by contractors for cabinetry jobs because they are easy to apply and produce a striking, durable finish. Unfortunately, they have to endure their strong odour, propensity for yellowing when working with whites, and messy use of solvents for cleanups.

In response to contractors who want the performance of alkyds without the drawbacks, Benjamin Moore developed the innovative ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd line of waterborne alkyd paints.

Rigorously tested on different cabinetry substrates like Thermofoil, bare wood, laminate, and MDF, ADVANCE demonstrated excellent adhesion properties and a smooth, resilient topcoat. (Note: Plastic veneer substrates should be thoroughly sanded and coated with ADVANCE primer before applying the topcoat to achieve best results.)

Low-VOCs, Low Odour

ADVANCE is the only national waterborne alkyd paint to use waterborne colorants, significantly reducing odour and achieving low-VOC levels (less than 50 g/l) without sacrificing the application and functional qualities of a true alkyd. It is CHPS certified, qualifies for LEED® credit and meets strict VOC and SCAQMD regulations—even after tinting.

ADVANCE's unique resin differentiates it from alkyd/acrylic hybrids and delivers the extended open time required for high-end cabinetry and trim finishes.

Preparation is Key

Sanding, cleaning, priming, and application at the right ambient temperature and humidity level are steps that must be strictly followed to achieve optimal results.

  • Surfaces to be painted must be clean, dry, and free of dirt, dust, grease, oil, soap, wax, scaling paint, water soluble materials, and mildew.
  • Remove any peeling or scaling paint and sand these areas to feather edges smooth with adjacent surfaces.
  • Glossy areas should be dulled by sanding.
  • Drywall surfaces must be free of sanding dust.

Priming with ADVANCE

New surfaces should be fully primed, and previously painted surfaces may be primed or spot primed as necessary. For best hiding results when priming wood cabinetry, use ADVANCE® Waterborne Interior Alkyd Primer tinted to the approximate finish coat colour.

Certain custom colours require a deep colour base primer tinted with a special prescription formula. Your Benjamin Moore retailer will help you determine whether you will need a special prescription.

Painting with ADVANCE

ADVANCE can be applied with a custom-blended nylon/polyester brush, roller, or spray gun. Extra ventilation in the work area is necessary under humid conditions to facilitate faster drying time, especially when paint is applied over sealed, hard, non-porous surfaces.

At 77°F (25°C) @ 50% RH, ADVANCE dries to the touch in 4-6 hours, and the surface can be recoated after 16 hours.

For optimum results, paint should be applied at the right temperature. Consult the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) to determine the best conditions for painting with ADVANCE.

Easy Soap-and-Water Cleanup

Unlike with traditional alkyds, cleanups with ADVANCE are fast, easy and solvent-free.

Through our breakthrough waterborne technology, we offer alkyd finishes without the odor and high-VOC content of conventional oil paints. With proper surface preparation, priming, and the right application conditions, you will get a durable, remarkable high-end finish every time with ADVANCE.

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