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Benjamin Moore Colour Cards

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Whether you're painting the interior of your home or the exterior, our colour brochures have everything you need to find some inspiration for your next project.

Want more colour? Visit our Colour Gallery to browse more than 3,500 beautiful shades.

Gentle Whites Colour Card

Gentle Whites

Never underestimate the power of pristine. White can be art gallery modern, country house classic or spring flower romantic. For a fresh perspective, try layering our collection— mix shades, mix finishes—every one here gets along beautifully.

View Gentle Whites

Timeless Neutrals Colour Card

Timeless Neutrals

Polished ebony floors. Ironed linen sheets. Rustic farm tables. Our collection of neutrals never gets weary. They¿re an atmospheric and inviting choice—subtle, nuanced colours for any time, every space.

View Timeless Neutrals

Fresh Pales Colour Card

Fresh Pales

Exceptionally flattering, our pales are a feel-good, look-good way to live. Think sweet pea pinks, ripe green melons and duck egg blues. Layer them to create dreamy, beautiful backdrops that feel modern and always fresh.

View Fresh Pales

Carte de couleurs Teintes profondes

Dramatic Deeps

A little drama never hurt anyone. Make a scene—and a space—with our late-night blues, scene-stealing greens, and stage-setting rubies. Sumptuous colours that create stand-out-from-the-crowd impression wherever they're used.

View Dramatic Deeps

Affinity Colour Card


Science meets art with our Affinity® Collection—144 colours specially formulated to harmonize perfectly. Attractive colours that pair and flow naturally from room-to-room. Mix and match with confidence— and show off your creative flair.

View Affinity

ben Colour Card


Playful stripes or classic chic, ben® is for everyone from the colour adventurer to the traditionalist.

View ben

Historical Colour Card


Explore the heritage of our Historical Collection—174 of the most popular colours inspired by 18th and 19th century North American architecture reflected in a palette that remains timeless today.

View Historical

Colour Trends 2016 Colour Card

Colour Trends 2016

White is transcendent, timeless, its versatility unrivalled. Explore a colourful palette that celebrates the simplicity of white.

View Colour Trends 2016

Colour Trends 2015 Colour Card

Colour Trends 2015

Explore the collection and the colour that ties it all together. Monochromatic colours feel right, right now.

View Colour Trends 2015

Colour Trends 2014 Colour Card

Colour Trends 2014

Take inspiration from comfort and simplicity with this unique collection of beautifully coordinated colour palettes that will help you transform your world.

View Colour Trends 2014

Exterior Collection Colour Card

Exterior Collection

THE EXTERIOR COLLECTION is a curated palette of 36 exterior hues collected by our colour and design experts. The palette is a reflection of the regional diversity found throughout North America. These hues, values and tones capture the energy and aesthetic of our great communities.

View Exterior Expressions

Aura Grand Entrance Colour Card

Grand Entrance

Aura® Grand Entrance brings rich, vivid colour and exceptional durability to your doors and trim. Inspired by fine European door and trim enamel, Aura Grand Entrance cures to a lustrous finish that lends your home a look of elegance and luxury.

View Aura Grand Entrance

Arborcoat Colour Card


ARBORCOAT, next-generation technology, resists the elements and extends the life of your outdoor living spaces.


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