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Beautiful Blues for 2012

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Blue comes to the forefront of home fashion in 2012 — with limitless tones and unexpected pairings.

Blue—the colour of the sea and the sky, of trust and commitment. In North America, this gender-neutral hue has universal appeal, and is often chosen as the most favourite colour.

Like green, blue is another of Mother Nature's neutrals, so it coordinates beautifully with many other colours and a wide range of styles. It's magnificent as a main colour, a backdrop, or subtle accent. How could anyone help but love it?

We often think of blue as calm, cool and collected. But in the right company, blue can be vibrant— even vivacious. Just like your favourite blue jeans, blue is versatile and can convey many personalities.

Elegant wythe blue (HC-143) is Benjamin Moore's 2012 Colour of the Year. This classic blue-green from our Historical Collection offers comfort, stability and a sense of nostalgia. Today we are seeing this beautiful blue paired with creams and greys for a modern retro look, or combined with earthy greens light and dark for a naturally rooted, yet refined, look.

Another 2012 blue, amethyst shadow (CC-930), has a red undertone with a touch of grey — transforming it into a subtle violet tone. Paired with warm espresso and creamy grey, this blue can make a splashy accent as it did in this home office environment.

With a deceiving name, nimbus gray (2131-50) is a soft, cool blue that brings a lively balance to an interior with warm furnishings and rich textiles. Paired with crisp white and hot pink, this blue-grey is very refreshing and brings a contemporary spin to any interior.

Finally, like a softened navy blue, montpelier (AF-555) is a timeless classic. Sophisticated and worldly, this traditional shade is perfect for any room and will surely withstand the test of time.

So whether you are looking for harmony, balance, or accents for any space, our beautiful 2012 blues are much more versatile than you think. Try them and see for yourself!

Happy decorating!

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