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Creative & Easy Chalkboard Paint Ideas

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Turn any space in your home into a writing surface with these chalkboard paint ideas. From a reusable, eco-friendly list maker to a drawing surface, wall calendar, or child's activity centre, these creative ways to use chalkboard paint will make your home even more functional.

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A family-friendly chalkboard paint calendar

Dynamic Day Planner

Keep track of meetings and deadlines with an erasable day planner. Apply chalkboard paint to a specific area, like the rectangle shown here, or your entire wall. Then, label the space with the days of the week and use it to keep track of your schedule.

A child drawing on a chalkboard wall

Artists' Studio

Create a canvas for your kids' artwork by painting an entire wall with chalkboard paint. They'll love being able to make their own life-size murals without getting into trouble for writing on the walls!

A child's table painted with chalkboard paint

Kids' Activity Centre

Paint a child's table with chalkboard paint to create a space for drawing or playing games like checkers or tic-tac-toe. Be sure to keep a container of chalkboard chalk handy and teach your children how to erase their work with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel.

Easy-to-Update Family Calendar

Create a family calendar that you can update each month. Then, use it to keep track of everyone's schedules, from school events to meetings and games. Assign each family member a different pastel chalk colour, too, so that each person can recognize their schedule at a glance.

Flowerpots decorated with chalkboard paint labels

Flowerpot Labels

If you enjoy growing herbs indoors, paint terracotta planters with chalkboard paint. Then label the pots with chalk to keep track of exactly what's growing where—from basil to mint. For best results, we recommend using a primer—such as High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)—for this project.

An eco-friendly message board made from chalkboard paint

Eco-Friendly Message Board

Need a central location for writing down grocery list items, phone messages, and quick reminders—where the whole family will see them? Use chalkboard paint to create a handy, reusable message board for your entire family.

An erasable to-do list made from chalkboard paint

Cabinet To-Do List

Keep track of all the things you need to get done by applying chalkboard paint to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door. This way, your message space will be easily accessible to you, but not visible to visitors.

Daily Menu

In the kitchen, paint a chalkboard square on the wall, frame it with decorative moulding or colourful paint, and use the area to display each day's menu. This makes an especially nice touch for family gatherings or when entertaining special guests.

A set of dresser drawers painted with chalkboard paint

Labelled Dresser Drawers

Teach your kids how to keep track of their clothes by labelling each dresser drawer. This will help them get ready for school in the morning—plus, they'll be able to put their own laundry away in the correct drawers.

Personalized coasters painted with chalkboard paint

Personalized Coasters

Personalize your coasters with chalkboard paint for just about any occasion. Use them as name cards at your dinner parties, draw storks on them for your best friend's baby shower, or use magnetic tape to put them on your fridge as mini-blackboards. For best results, we recommend using a primer—such as High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)—for this project.

A dinner table painted with chalkboard paint

Tabletop Canvas

Add coloured chalkboard paint to your dinner table and use the space to create personalized place settings for your guests. Or get creative and use your tabletop canvas to share encouraging words at breakfast, announce good news to the whole family, or count down the days until your next vacation.

A collection of plastic storage bins painted with chalkboard paint

Organized Chaos

Do you have to rummage through your storage bins every time you need to find something? Problem solved: Just paint chalkboard squares on your bins and label them with light-coloured chalk. It's a great way to keep things organized. Before using chalkboard paint on plastic, we recommend priming the surface with Insl-x® STIX® Bonding Primer (SXA 110).

Serving bowls painted with chalkboard paint

Serving Bowls

Add a square of chalkboard paint to serving bowls and label them so guests will know which salsa is the hottest. Apply this technique to mugs or glassware, too, to help your guests keep track of their own drinks. For best results, we recommend using a primer—such as High-Hiding All Purpose Primer (046)—for this project.

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