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Decorate with Green!

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The colour of nature, green is so versatile and timeless—a dream colour to decorate with.

Green has a truly multi-faceted personality. It runs the gamut from extremely warm to crisp and cool—so it is easy to find one that you love and that will work in your home. Interestingly, the human eye can see more variations of green than of any other colour. So perhaps this is one of the reasons it is so popular and has been so through the decades? It is a comfort colour.

To create a comfortable, grounded look in your home, try a monochromatic scheme like the one shown here with agave (AF-420) on the wall, supported with neutral furnishing and lots of natural textures. Wool, linen, silk, velvet and wood are classic and relevant for this style.

On the other hand, green can also make a powerful colour statement! Forget the neutrals and dive into the vibrant side of green with eccentric lime (2027-30) on the walls. Energetic and almost digital, this modern hue sings when partnered with sleek high gloss and reflective furnishings. Add a splash of fuchsia for contrast, some crisp black and white accessories and now you have the edgy side of green!

Vibrant or serene, green really is "nature's neutral," chosen by the ultimate decorator, Mother Nature herself!


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