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Decorating with Bold Colours

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Walls: silver fox (2108-50); Ceiling: yellow finch (2024-40); Accessories: sweet orange (2017-40)

Picture: Mario Dubreuil;
Furniture, artwork and lamp: Fraser Furniture

Here are some great ideas from Sharon Grech to help you create a fun yet harmonious space with beautiful bold colours.

I am often asked for creative ideas on how to add bold colour to a space. Aside from painting the entire room—which is certainly the most dramatic thing you can do—adding blocks of vivid colour is simple and provides a lot of impact.

Whether you're using stripes, blocks or painted ceilings and whether the style of your décor is traditional, classic or contemporary, the appropriate balance of colour is key to creating an atmosphere of harmony.

So how do you achieve this? Well, most importantly, you have to consider the big picture: How do you balance colour within the whole room composition?

It is critical to balance a bold colour with a more natural or subdued hue in order to counteract that pop effect that can scare some people away from using colour! The classic 60-30-10 design rule applies to colour application too! To achieve harmony, it is recommended that you select colours according to the following "formula":

  • 60% of the composition is in one colour family (which for most people means neutrals, like cream, grey or taupe)
  • 30% is from a different colour family
  • 10% is a bold pop colour
See how this applies to the room in the photo. We were a little more daring here and there and added a fresh yellow ceiling just to envelop the space with warmth!

Typically, as a rule, I don't profess rules, but just consider using this one to help keep your paint colour choices in check; it might just give you the confidence you need to experiment with a bold new colour scheme!

Here are a few ideas for bold colour schemes:

Happy decorating!

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