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Original Deck Ideas

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What is a deck? A deck is an outdoor room whose colours shift and dance as light moves throughout the day.

Think Beyond the Barbecue

A deck is a room designed for comfort, with soft chaises to lounge upon and tables to gather the family. It is a room that is easy to care for, but that can become sophisticated enough to host an elegant dinner.

The deck has become a favourite gathering spot that reflects our multifaceted lives. When you start to think of it as an outdoor room, the possibilities for its decor become endless.

A deck can change its mood -- practical, whimsical, elegant, contemplative -- to suit yours. Based on its dynamic style, a deck can be the perfect spot for everything from intimate weddings to Cub Scout meetings to the
ubiquitous barbecue.

A deck really is a blank canvas, and the sky is literally the limit.

Design Ideas

To get the most from your deck, consider your interests and needs when creating your design. What are your pastimes? Will your deck be the family hub for activity or a peaceful retreat?

What kind of entertaining will the deck be used for? Do you plan large parties, intimate dinners, casual get-togethers, or elegant gatherings?

What about practical considerations? Is there a view from the deck to be enjoyed or one to be blocked? Can you take advantage of natural shade, or would umbrellas and a permanent or retractable awning answer your needs?

By taking the time to understand how a deck would best fit your lifestyle, you can create an outdoor room that you will enjoy for years to come.


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