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Paint Your Furniture!

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Wooden table before painting.

Before painting.

Wooden table after painting with Benjamin Moore paint colors simply white (OC-117) and onyx (2133-10).

After painting.
Table Top: simply white (OC-117)
Table Legs: onyx (2133-10)

Table painted with Benjamin Moore's springtime bloom (2079-40) pink paint.

Table: springtime bloom (2079-40)
Back Wall: Studio Finishes® Chalkboard Paint (307)

Painting a pedestal table, an old wooden bed frame, or even a full bedroom suite, can refresh the look of any space.

There is no better way to add a jolt of novelty to your space than with an inexpensive paint and colour makeover. But if the whole house is not in the cards this year, or even one room is too daunting a project, why not take a stab at painting furniture?

Painting furniture can breathe new life into a room, and at a fraction of the cost of buying new!

Choosing the Right Pieces to Paint

Almost any old piece will look refreshed with a coat of paint, but do look for pieces that have solid construction and interesting shapes or lines.

It's best not to paint materials like glass, plastic or natural stone. Wood always works well, but remember to use sandpaper to remove any old, peeling paint or to dull a high-gloss finish before priming and painting.

If you are unsure of the condition of the furniture and how to paint it, visit your local Benjamin Moore store to ensure you get the appropriate products.

Dramatic Results

The top two photos are of a table that belonged to my colleague's grandmother. They illustrate the dramatic transformation paint colour can provide for the right piece of furniture.

Although it had lots of sentimental value, in its original state it just didn't fit into her décor. However, painted with the striking contrast of simply white (OC-117) and onyx (2133-10), the table has a much more youthful personality!

Paired with stylized resin chairs and contemporary accessories, the eclectic combination of clean lines and antique curves merges perfectly for a fashion-forward look.

A Punch of Wow!

Certainly, if you are looking for more colour, fashionable fuschia is a hot, "on-trend" colour that will quickly transform any item. Benjamin Moore's springtime bloom (2079-40) is used on this desk to take it from ho-hum to "wow!"

So give that hand-me-down a second look before shipping it out the door. With today's eclectic styles and a touch of interior paint, it is possible to revive—and upcycle—almost anything.

Happy painting!


Visit our Colour Gallery to explore our thousands of beautiful paint colours, and get more great decorating ideas from Sharon Grech.

To find out which product will best suit the surface you wish to repaint, contact your local Benjamin Moore retailer. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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