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Stylish Ideas for Autumn

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Repainted console table.

   A repainted console table adds charm to this space.

Autumn in Canada is all about warm, earthy colours that balance that invigorating chill in the air. It is without a doubt my favourite season for fashion—I just love stepping into my boots again, layering sweaters and adding the latest colour of scarf to my collection!

It's also an exciting time for home décor as we leave the outdoor decorating and begin to focus on our interior living spaces, preparing for the entertaining season that begins early with Canadian Thanksgiving!

Even though I hate to be reminded right after the start of the new school year that the holiday season is fast approaching, it's never too soon to start thinking about revamping your interior. Fortunately, there's no need to invest next year's summer vacation budget—a few changes can make all the difference!

Now is the perfect time to write your "to—do" list and take care of those shaky door handles, dripping faucets and creaking doors, and to have a quick look around your home. Which rooms need to be refreshed? Is it time to spruce up your current décor? Even if it's not time to repaint all the walls, it's amazing how a touch of colour can transform a whole room!

In this hallway, we simply repainted a console table with warm, orange—based claret rose (2008-20) without changing the
butter pecan (OC-89) wall colour. It's an inexpensive and very effective way to add pizzazz to the front entrance. We removed the middle shelf to make the table feel lighter and added some wicker baskets to create storage space and a decorative accent without cluttering the overall look.

A few framed photos were stylishly arranged on the table, while dark mustard (2161-30) accessories give it the finishing touches. The wall piece was hung just a few inches above the table to create an artful vignette. Freshly cut flowers and champagne glasses are eagerly awaiting your guests!

And don't forget that paint is the most versatile and best way to create a thousand and one variations for a room or a piece of furniture at very little cost.

Happy decorating!


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