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The Beauty of White on White

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There is nothing more timeless, classic, or serene than a well-composed paint palette of white on white. Sharon Grech helps you find the perfect combinations with Benjamin Moore paint colours.

It sounds simple—doesn't it? But as anyone who has worked magic with white can tell you, it is not easy to find the perfect shade of white.

The true undertones of a particular white will come to the surface with natural lighting conditions and the décor context they are set in. So be sure to view all the elements together.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best combinations of white:

  • Keep in mind when choosing a white to complement your existing white paint, textiles, hard-surface tiles or white appliances that the "ready-made" or standard white paints are often very stark and cool.
    But even these standard whites can be made more attractive with the right combination of tonal whites and different textures to balance the colour.

  • To really draw attention to a crisp white, like a white bathroom fixture or a white sofa, try painting the backdrop with Benjamin Moore's warm white down (CC-50), or the richer elmira white (HC-84).

  • For a modern, industrial look in your white spaces, add smooth textures and finishes like glass, polished metal, classic marble, or satiny fabrics.

  • For more casual elegance, add finishes in natural wood, metals with a patina or brushed, and textural fabrics like wool and heavy cottons.

  • If you have an untrained eye, don't trust your memory of a shade of white. There really are hundreds! If possible, take a sample of your white furniture, tile, or appliance with you when you are shopping for complementary items.

So don't just think of white as a default colour — make a commitment to it, do your homework, try samples, and envelop yourself in the perfect shade of pale!

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