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Washed Stripes

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Give any room a light and sophisticated style with washed stripes, which add a touch of texture and sheen for a soft, subtle look. The style goes well with pale-toned furnishings and rich fabrics or with luxurious accents such as large pillows and lush window treatments.

Tools and Supplies



  • 1 centimetre nap roller
  • 4 centimetre painter's tape (light tack)
  • Bucket
  • Large wallpaper paste brush
  • Paint tray
  • Pencil
  • Rags
  • Roller cage
  • Stir stick

Note: The amount of paint and the tools required depend on the square footage of your project. For guidance in calculating the size of your project, consult your local Benjamin Moore retailer.

Step 1 - Prepare Your Surfaces
Be sure any surface is properly prepared before you begin. Clean your walls thoroughly and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. 

Step 2 - Apply Your Base Coat
Paint your wall(s) with two base coats of quincy tan HC-25. Allow them to dry for at least 24 hours.

Step 3 - Apply Tape
Before you apply the glaze mixture to your wall(s), apply tape to the ceiling and baseboards. 

Step 4 - Create a Glaze Mixture
Mix together four parts Glaze 405 Aquaglaze Latex Glazing Liquid with one part shaker beige HC-45 in a bucket. Use a stir stick to blend the mixture thoroughly.

Step 5 - Mark Your Stripes
Determine how wide you want the stripes to look, and use a pencil to lightly mark your wall(s). To make sure you have straight marks, use a level as you mark. For this project, we used 30 centimetre stripes around the room, from floor to ceiling.


Step 6 - Apply Tape
Apply 4 centimetre painter's tape around the room. To ensure that every other stripe is 30 centimetres wide, apply tape on the outside of the marks with the first stripe, on the inside with the second, and so on.

Step 7 - Apply the Glaze Mixture
Pour your glaze mixture into your paint tray, and dip a cotton rag into the mixture. Apply the mixture onto your walls with a circular motion, taking care not to stray outside the 30 centimetre stripes.

Once each stripe is complete, remove the tape and continue with each stripe around your room.

Style Tips:

  • Keep your room's furniture light in colour.
  • For a more colourful French country style, use blues, yellows, and whites.
  • Add a touch of floral for a traditional country feel.
  • Add wrought iron and distressed wood.
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