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Mud Cracking

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Interior Paint Problems: Mud Cracking

                    Paint cracks resemble dry mud
             (Photo courtesy of The Paint Quality Institute)

Mud cracks are deep, irregular cracks that resemble dried mud.

Mud cracking can result if you try to make one heavy coat of paint do the job of two regular coats. To avoid mud cracks on your surface, don't apply paint too thickly. This will allow for proper drying and curing.

What Causes Mud Cracks in Paint?

  • Applying paint too thickly, either over a porous surface or in an attempt to offset the inherent poor hiding of low-quality paint
  • Applying a heavy coat of paint to a textured or embossed surface
  • Paint is allowed to build up in corners during application

How to Repair Mud Cracks

  • Remove the affected coating by scraping and sanding. Sand the area smooth and wipe it clean.
  • Apply primer and repaint using a premium latex paint, which is more flexible than alkyd paint. A top-quality latex paint with a high-solids content will provide good coverage, so you don't have to apply an excessively heavy coat.

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