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The Ultimate Retail Experience

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Benjamin Moore retail outlet with displays of paint color tools, color cards, brochures, books, and seating area.

Independent retailers deliver the promise

"Benjamin Moore's primary goals: turn out the best paint in the world and have the best retailer organization in the world." -Warren Buffett


Consumers can buy paint at the big box stores and mega chain stores. They just can't buy the quality finishes produced by Benjamin Moore nor can they get our retailers' expert advice and personalized service. Since 1883, our paints have been sold through independent retailers - and that's an industry exclusive and competitive advantage. Our North American retailer network is more than 5,000 strong, comprising 1,200 Signature Stores (and growing) plus more than 3,000 paint and decorating stores, hardware stores, and lumberyards.

The Best Total Shopping Experience
The expertise, product wisdom, and store environment of our independent retailers ensure that our customers get the right product, right color, and right result. In turn, the insights, experience, and local market perspective that our retailers gather guide our product development, color technology, and marketing efforts. That ensures that we get the right products to the right markets at the right time, and that they're easy to buy and use - all of which build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A Consistent Collaboration
From our Signature Stores to the smallest neighborhood hardware store, Benjamin Moore supports its retailers and shares in building their businesses. We provide classroom, online, and in-store training; marketing support; color matching technologies and selection tools; and business technology solutions to help make it easy to buy our paints and provide the industry's best customer service. Example? Our own fleet of trucks makes overnight delivery of products possible to almost every one of our more than 5,000 retail outlets.

Fulfilling our customers' desires, wants, and needs

They want their color, whatever it is: They know it when they see it. Our color system delivers that color, and our retailers make sure it is available in the product that will deliver the desired results: easy to apply, with coverage that results in time and money saved. It is a product with consistently, lusciously, accurately matched color - every gallon, every time - with never a strong odor, only a fresh paint smell that does not linger; it offers uncompromising touchups; is washable and scrubbable to keep walls in mint condition; and unfailingly delivers oohs and aahs. In short, the colors they love.

Architects and Designers
In their businesses - groundbreaking, style-setting, creative, challenging, and rewarding - they want to know that their specifications deliver the right product, with colors that are unbeatable for accuracy, beauty, and transformational properties. We provide the right tools, choices, support, information, and training to allow them to design and implement their dreams and those of their clients.

Professional Painting Contractors
Their careers, their livelihoods, their reputations depend on sure bets in color and product performance with no compromises. They want products such as ours - designed by coatings professionals for painting professionals - to deliver fast, accurate, impeccable results. Our products' application properties meet the most rigid demands of professional painting contractors. Theirs is exacting work - part artisan, part skilled craftsman, all professional. We help them produce the finishing touches that define their success.

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