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Download the Job Cost Estimator

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Painting Company Tools of the Trade

The Job Cost Estimator helps residential contractors provide clients with accurate painting estimates based on actual costs and desired profits.

In today's competitive business world, it's important to factor into proposals your actual fixed and variable costs, such as overhead, labor, equipment, and supplies, to fully realize your profit potential.

This easy-to-use, step-by-step cost-estimating tool helps identify and capture all of the associated costs of running a painting business. Both variable and fixed costs are taken into account. Our painting estimates calculator also allows you to add job-specific information, such as production time; square footage; amount, type, and color of the paint to be used; and other special considerations for both house painting estimates and interior painting estimates.

Once all of the data is entered, the Job Cost Estimator calculates a detailed, accurate estimate to present to the client on a customized quote letter.

You can download the Job Cost Estimator for free. (The program is Excel-based and will run on both PCs and Macs.)

Download the Job Cost Estimator (PC, 4.62 MB)
Download the Job Cost Estimator (Mac, 10 MB)

For more information about creating custom painting estimates for your clients, please contact your Benjamin Moore representative.

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