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Poor Galvanized Metal Adhesion

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A white drainpipe showing paint wear and flaking

Paint can lose its adhesion to a galvanized metal substrate.

What Causes It?

Poor galvanized metal adhesion can occur:

  • When a surface has not been properly prepared.
  • When a primer has not been applied before an oil-based paint is used.
  • When baked-on enamel finishes or glossy surfaces have not been sanded before painting.

How to Solve It
First, use a wire brush to remove any rust on your metal surface. Then, apply a corrosion-resistant acrylic latex primer—one coat is usually sufficient.

With galvanized metal that is new or has been painted before and is rust-free, clean the surface to remove all fabricating oils.

Then, paint it with a top-quality acrylic latex paint without applying a primer.

With unpainted galvanized metal, however, always use a metal primer before you apply an oil-based or vinyl latex topcoat.

Note: Images provided by The Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute.

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