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Regal® Select Exterior Paint Outperforms Leading National Brand

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Independent testing shows Regal Select exterior paint beats the competition in color retention and fade resistance.

Test boards show Regal Select has superior color retention and fade resistance.

Independent testing proves new Regal Select exterior paint is superior to leading national brand.

Living up to the excellent application properties and superior performance you've come to expect from the Regal line of products, Benjamin Moore bolsters its reputation with the 100% acrylic latex Regal Select Exterior paint. It provides superior durability, fade resistance, and coverage when tested against a leading national brand.

Third-Party Test Results
A series of test boards were subjected to industry standard ASTM G90 testing, an accelerated weathering test using concentrated natural sunlight for several months. Specifically, two of the test boards were painted with Regal Select while the other two were coated with an exterior latex paint from another leading national brand.

Results released by an independent third party conducting the test confirm that Regal Select exhibited superior color retention and sustained hide properties compared with our competitor.

Paint Testing Standard
ASTM G90 is a widely used outdoor accelerated weathering test method. It concentrates natural sunlight via 10 highly reflective, specially coated mirrors onto the specimen target area with an intensity of approximately eight suns.

The device tracks the sun and exposes specimens to the full spectrum of sunlight, making it one of the most realistic accelerated tests available. It recreates subtropical conditions like those in southern Florida, as well as arid desert conditions, such as those in Arizona.

High-Build Paint with Exceptional Flow and Leveling
Regal Select Exterior's proprietary high-build acrylic formula was developed to attain excellent flow and leveling properties.

It is an extremely durable, hard finish that resists cracking and peeling, but remains flexible to adapt to the changing temperatures brought about by seasonal weather.

Paint with Outstanding Hide
Another performance attribute brought about by Benjamin Moore's innovative high-build technology is superior coverage with high-hide properties. This requires fewer coats of paint to cover larger areas, resulting in lower costs and less time.

Other Performance Highlights
Regal Select Exterior paint also offers the following features:

  • Safe application down to 40 degrees, extending the exterior painting season
  • Excellent mildew resistance
  • Quick drying for faster recoats
  • Easy soap-and-water cleanup

Excellent Value
Compared to similar products from other brands, Regal Select Exterior is competitively priced and an excellent value. It's revered by contractors for being a quick-drying paint that offers fast recoat, reliable results, and premium performance.

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