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Classic Fare

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Rich ivory and delicate celadon create a kitchen whose beauty is timeless.

The pale green kitchen cabinets set against the warm ivory kitchen walls, gives the space an expansive feeling. The darker green of the ceiling balances out the visual weight of the base cabinets, while the soft white trim quietly outlines the bank of windows.

White countertops and stoneware complement the kitchen's clean, simple lines. Pleated Roman shades and accessories, such as the dinnerware, vase, and platters, in deep olive work as monochromatic accents, while the bowl of oranges adds a citrusy burst to this classic green and white kitchen.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a creative and inexpensive way to accent a room with color, and work particularly well in kitchens. Here, we've paired a single fruit, oranges, in a solid color container for strong visual impact, but experiment with keepsakes and containers to create an appealing color accent that expresses your own special style.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Before incorporating our kitchen color ideas into you space, prime the surfaces with Fresh Start® Primer. Allow to dry.
  2. Roll on the ceiling color first. Allow to dry.
  3. Next, paint the cabinets. Allow to dry.
  4. Roll on the wall color. Allow to dry.
  5. Paint trim and allow to dry.

Supply List


  • Drop cloth
  • Benjamin Moore rollers
  • Roller tray
  • Painter's tape
  • Benjamin Moore paint brushes
  • Rags for cleanup


Our kitchen color ideas for this project include ivory walls and rich green kitchen cabinets. To create a green and white kitchen like the one in the picture, we recommend using the following Benjamin Moore paints:

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