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Color Your Home for Curb Appeal

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A fresh exterior color scheme is one of the quickest, most cost–effective ways to enhance your home's curb appeal. In the examples below, you can see how different color combinations express certain styles while highlighting the architectural details of different types of homes.

No matter what your exterior surface is, you have a choice of thousands of gorgeous Benjamin Moore colors for your home. When choosing an exterior coating, check out Aura® exterior paint and Arborcoat® exterior stains for superior performance and protection. If your home is made with vinyl siding, we recommend using Regal® Select Exterior REVIVE™ for Vinyl Siding. This premium exterior paint is formulated for optimal performance on vinyl siding and trim. It is available in a wide range of light and dark colors that are safe for vinyl siding.

You don't have to paint the entire exterior of your home to create a fresh look. Adding color to a few elements, such as doors or shutters, can produce striking results.

Visit our Color Gallery to get more paint color combination ideas.

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Cozy Cottage

An eclectic palette brings out the cottage charm of this Craftsman style bungalow. Light, warm gray is cooled by the blue–green tones of the trim color, and accented by a muted orange—green's complementary color—on the door.

Body: revere pewter (HC-172), Trim: night train (1567), Door: firenze (AF-225)

Craftsman bungalow painted in gray Benjamin Moore exterior paint

Revere Pewter HC-172
  • Night Train 1567
  • Firenze AF-225



A nature–inspired color scheme blends with the surrounding landscape. A traditional mossy green is accented by misty gray trim, while an organic red–brown hue creates an inviting front door.

Body: wethersfield moss (HC-110), Trim: horizon gray (2141-50), Door: cougar brown (2106-40)

Craftsman bungalow painted in green Benjamin Moore exterior paint

Wethersfield Moss HC-110
  • Horizon Gray 2141-50
  • Cougar Brown 2106-40


Bucolic Bliss

Warm, honeyed yellow, echoing the color of golden fields, is accented by the creamy trim color. Rich wrought iron (2124-10) on the front and garage doors adds a touch of sophistication.

Body: golden straw (2152-50), Trim: powder sand (OC-113), Doors: wrought iron (2124-10)

Farmhouse painted in yellow Benjamin Moore exterior paint

Golden Straw 2152-50
  • Powder Sand OC-113
  • Wrought Iron 2124-10



A play of neutrals lends a polished look to this traditional farmhouse. The cool, medium–tone gray is accented by a warm gray on the trim. Doors painted in smoky blue create a look of harmonious elegance.

Body: storm (AF-700), Trim: barren plain (2111-60), Doors: philipsburg blue (HC-159)

Farmhouse painted in gray Benjamin Moore exterior paint

Storm AF-700
  • Barren Plain 2111-60
  • Philipsburg Blue HC-159


Transitional Style

Rich brown tones set against warm tan beautifully accent this home's architectural details. On the doors, warm yellow-brown completes the harmonious interplay of earthy hues.

Body: arizona tan (2162-50), Trim: brown horse (2108-30), Doors: rich clay brown (2164-30)

Contemporary home painted in Benjamin Moore exterior beige and brown paint

Arizona Tan 2162-50
  • Brown Horse 2108-30
  • Rich Clay Brown 2164-30



Warm, pink-beige tones form the basis of this fresh palette. The lighter trim color accents the house color as well as the stone facade of the entrance. The gray door makes an elegant statement.

Body: dellwood sand (1019), Trim: harmony (AF-90), Doors: silhouette (AF-655)

Contemporary home painted in tan Benjamin Moore exterior paint

Dellwood Sand 1019
  • Harmony AF-90
  • Silhouette AF-655


Country Manor

An analogous color scheme of buttery beige hues creates a pleasing palette with a warm coastal feel. The front door, painted in a rich, spicy orange, creates a welcoming entrance.

Body: boardwalk (1102), Trim: timid white (2148-60), Door: etruscan (AF-355)

Home painted in Benjamin Moore exterior paint colors

Boardwalk 1102
  • Timid White 2148-60
  • Etruscan AF-355



An ethereal blue-gray body color, complemented by a deep blue front door, elegantly highlights the entrance's stone facade. The trim in off-white with a hint of gray completes the stately look.

Body: little falls (1621), Trim: winter snow (OC-63), Door: baby seal black (2119-30)

Suburban home painted in cool Benjamin Moore paint colors

Little Falls 1621
  • Winter Snow OC-63
  • Baby Seal Black 2119-30

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