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"Come Sail Away" Boy's Nautical Bedroom

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This boys' room idea sets sail, creating a bedtime bunk that can transition into a high-seas hangout.

Painted signal flags and a deep navy accent the room's architecture, while bright yellow and rich crimson add dynamic splashes of color.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1 — Prime the walls

Before creating your boys' nautical bedroom, apply Natura® zero-VOC primer on all surfaces to be painted and allow to dry.

Step 2 — Paint the walls

Identify a wall or an area of the room where you will anchor your nautical theme and paint it with stunning (826). Paint the remaining walls with breath of fresh air (806)– to create a boys' blue bedroom that's both grounded and light.

Step 3 — Create the nautical flags

To enhance your boys' bedroom idea, create a mix of rectangular and triangular shapes decorated with simple stripe patterns. You can use the patterns we created in the inspiration room or do a quick Internet search to find a huge selection of nautical flag symbols.

  • Sketch out your flags on sheets of paper and lay them out so you can visualize the pattern you will be creating.
    Use crayons or markers to plan your color schemes.
  • Use a light pencil and a ruler to draw your flags on the wall, making sure to vary the angle at which each tilts
    in order to give the impression they are hanging on a rope line.
  • When the shapes are completed, draw a line freehand connecting the top edges of each flag to mimic a rope banner.
  • Use painter's tape to prepare segments of each flag for painting. Plan your taping so that you can paint the
    colors at the same time.

Step 4 — Paint the nautical flags

Apply two coats of paint to your flags using the colors listed below, and adding more colors if you wish. Allow enough time for the paint to dry before removing the tape. Next, paint the line segments connecting the flags. To finish your boys' nautical-themed bedroom, just erase any pencil marks remaining and touch up areas that need it with a fine-tipped artists' brush.


  • Drop cloth
  • Low-tack painter's tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Crayons or Markers
  • 3" and 8" rollers
  • Roller tray
  • Benjamin Moore paint brushes
  • Fine-tipped artist brush

Paint Colors:

Our boys' nautical bedroom features paint in the following colors:

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Styling provided by Tyndall Arrasmith.

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