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"Enchanted Dreams" Lavender Nursery for Girls

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Create a delightful lavender nursery that will inspire imaginative play and pleasant dreams for your little ones.

With our charming nursery ideas for girls, you can surround her in a world of wonder that’s filled with enchanting colors and a harlequin design straight from their favorite stories and fairy tales.

Step-by-Step Instructions (Note: Due to the time necessary for taping and drying, plan to spread the project out over 2-3 days.)

Step 1 — Prime the ceiling and walls

To begin creating this fairy tale nursery, apply Natura® zero-VOC primer on all surfaces to be painted and allow to dry.

Step 2 — Paint the ceiling, walls, and trim

Paint the ceiling first, with harbor haze (2136-60). Then paint the walls (except for the section of the wall that the pattern will occupy) with north cascades (1411).

Paint the section of the walls that will be occupied with the harlequin pattern with hancock green (HC-117). Let dry. Finally, paint the trim with snow white (OC-66).

Step 3 —Sketch out the harlequin diamond pattern

Decide what kind of harlequin pattern you would like to create. The traditional harlequin diamond is twice as tall as it is wide, but in this room we used a diamond with equal height and width (i.e., a perfect square) to create our room design.

  • Use a ruler to sketch the size harlequin you want on a piece of paper, rounding the height and width to the nearest inch.
  • With a tape measure and a pencil, outline on the wall the total area you wish to fill with the pattern.
    Make sure the height of the area can be divided evenly by the height of your diamond, and that the width of the space can be divided evenly by the width of your diamond.

Step 4 — Create the harlequin pattern

Use a pencil, a tape measure, and a level to divide the hancock green (HC-117) section into boxes that match the height and width of your diamond. (See diagram.)

With your ruler, find the center point of each side of each box, then connect the dots to create your diamonds.

Step 5 — Tape the diamond shape

You are now ready to tape off the diamonds so you can begin painting your lavender nursery's primary design element. Attention to detail during the taping will minimize touch-up work afterward. Tape off every other diamond along each row, placing the tape on the outside edge of each line. Following the diagonal lines.
You can use long strips of tape to cover numerous diamonds at once. (See diagram.)

Step 6 — Paint the harlequin design

Paint with harbor haze (2136-60) using a 3" roller. Allow to dry and apply a second coat. When this coat is dry, remove the tape. Prepare the remaining diamonds for each opposite row and repeat. (See diagram.)

Step 7 —Touch-up

You can use a small artists' brush to correct any minor overlapping between colors around the diamonds. If any ruled pencil marks remain, you can remove them with a clean eraser.


  • Drop cloth
  • Low-tack painter's tape
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • 3" Benjamin Moore roller
  • 9" Benjamin Moore roller
  • Roller tray
  • Benjamin Moore paint brushes
  • Fine-tipped artists' brush

Paint Colors:

This magical nursery design idea for girls features the following colors:

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Furniture provided by Sorelle Furniture. Styling provided by Tyndall Arrasmith.

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