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Our Facebook® Fans' Favorite Colors

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Check out some of our facebook fans' favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors—and send us your own!

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linen white (912)

"My home is filled with lots of color, so I really needed a neutral. I love to change everything with the seasons...curtains, rugs, pillows, blankets, and accessories. Art "pops" against linen white. It reflects light, and we need this because we live in the mountains with lots of snow. It also looks great with natural stone and pine."

—Laura Stollorz Schroeder

kangaroo (AF- 145)

"Our first child is due in two weeks and kangaroo is the perfect warm brown for his nursery to complement the light-blue decor accents. We are so excited!"

—Jennifer Morrow Lubacz

gray wisp (1570)

"Not so impressive on the small chip, but fabulous on the walls! Not too blue, not too green, not too gray—just enough of each. I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love it when they see it on the walls. It's my go-to super-neutral for staging homes. Women love it, men love it—it offends no one! And it matches every other color imaginable. Enough said!"

—The Decorologist

wenge (AF-180)

"Wenge has so much richness and depth, like dark, exotic hardwood. My favorite color is RED. It's the most powerful color, travels the longest distance, and works well to portray anything from classic elegance to modern eccentricity. I love when it's overcast (in Seattle it often is), and everything RED just pops."

—Becca Berry

warren acres (527)

"It's a fresh and warm green without being too bright or overwhelming. I used it in the nursery for Lisa and Buddy Valastro of TLC's "The Cake Boss," and it made for the perfect soothing nursery color!

—Sherri Blum

kennebunkport green (HC-123)

"We chose this color from a sample before we knew the name! When we turned it over and discovered the name we just knew it was meant to be—we were married in Kennebunkport, Maine!"

—Donna Engborg

palladian blue (HC-144)

"I love Benjamin Moore's palladian blue. Our bedroom and bath are so soothing and relaxing, and the color looks great with our mahogany furniture and black-and-white engravings and our cream-colored draperies and linens. The color changes throughout the day, and can go from grey-blue to blue-green. Several friends have asked about this color."

—Jack Scruggs

hemlock (719)

"I fell in love with hemlock because it is the perfect mix of blue, green, and a hint of gray. It's a cool color yet still has an unexpected warmth to it. I'm looking forward to closing on my new house on May 16 and using hemlock in my living room."

—Lindsey Dowland Keathley

dill weed (481)

"I manage the paint department at a local hardware store that sells Benjamin Moore paint. I always loved the color dillweed because of the name. :)"

—Wiley Keith Reed Jr.

glowing apricot (165)

"I have it in my living room, which is a large room (12' x 22'). During the day, it lights up the room, and at nighttime, it's rich and luminous. It becomes more golden in the fading light. A rich, beautiful color."

—Elena Paperny

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