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Fading or Poor Color Retention

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A blue colored surface divided in two halves showing one side faded and the other clear

Paint can lighten over time. This occurs on surfaces with sunny southern exposures.

What Causes It?
Fading or poor color retention can also be a result of chalking of the coating.  One cause of fading is the use
of an interior grade of paint or lower-quality paint.

This can lead to a rapid degradation (chalking) of the paint film. Some paint colors are particularly vulnerable to UV radiation (most notably, certain bright reds, blues, and yellows).

Fading will also occur when tinting a white paint not intended for tinting, or overtinting a light or medium
paint base.

How to Solve It
When fading or poor color retention is a result of chalking,
it is necessary to remove as much of the chalk as possible. When you repaint the surface, be sure to use a quality exterior house paint in colors recommended for exterior use.

Note: Images provided by The Rohm & Hass Paint Quality Institute.

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