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"Rhyme Time" Girls Nursery

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Bring "happily ever after" to your little one's daily routine with a striped nursery featuring soft colors and inspired accents.

This color palette is soft yellow, golden green, and blue-gray with a boost of sophisticated brown. It all comes together to help you create a girls' nursery that's timeless and modern.

Step-by-step instructions

Step 1 — Prime the walls

To begin your girls' nursery project, apply Natura® zero-VOC primer on all surfaces to be painted and allow to dry.

Step 2 — Paint the walls

Paint the walls with two coats of castleton mist (HC-1).

Step 3 — Create the stripe pattern

Choose the wall where you want to have the stripe pattern and use a piece of paper to map out the width and placement of the stripes. For our striped nursery, we grouped three stripes of different colors and widths together, spacing each stripe 3/4" apart. These are the colors and measurements we used:

We reversed the pattern mid-wall to create a focal point above the crib. If you don't want to create a focal point, start in one corner and keep the pattern consistent across the wall, leaving 5" between each group of stripes.

Step 4 — Sketch out the stripes

Use a measuring tape, pencil, and level to create your stripes. Begin in one corner and work your way across the wall, one stripe at a time.

If you are beginning your pattern with branchport brown (HC-72), make a light tick mark with your pencil near the baseboard, 1" from the corner. Work your way up the wall making tick marks about every 12". Using your level, (a laser level will speed up this process, but is not necessary), connect your tick marks to complete your first stripe.

Now that you have a level line on the wall, your work should go faster. Begin the november skies (2128-50) stripe by making tick marks up the wall 3/4" from the branchport brown (HC-72) stripe, once again connecting the marks. Repeat this process until your striped nursery walls are finished.

Step 5 — Tape and paint the stripes

Place painter's tape along the outside edges of your stripes and paint each according to your predetermined pattern. Tape off all of the ivory and brown stripes first and paint with a 3" roller. Wait for them to dry and apply a second coat. When the first two stripes are dry, remove the tape and paint the november skies (2128-50) stripes. Erase any pencil marks that were not covered during painting and touch up your stripes as necessary using a fine-tipped artists' brush.

Step 6 — Create a whimsical focal point

To complement our girls' nursery idea – and create a charming focal point above the crib – we drew freehand with a pencil a few lines from a classic nursery rhyme and added a simple twinkle star pattern. We used a fine-tipped artists' brush to paint the text with branchport brown (HC-72) and the stars with hepplewhite ivory (HC-36). You can also use stencils for the text and stars.

Helpful tips

  • For a crisp line between colors, paint the base color, castleton mist (HC-1), on the edge of the tape before you paint the stripe color.
  • When creating the pattern for your striped nursery walls, consider making the stripe size the same as standard painters' tape widths. Using this technique will require less measuring and less chance of making a mistake.
  • The wider the stripes, the faster your project will be complete.


  • Drop cloth
  • Paint tray
  • 2 Benjamin Moore 8" rollers
  • 3 Benjamin Moore 3" rollers
  • 2" Benjamin Moore paint brush
  • Fine-tipped artists' paint brush
  • Painters' tape
  • Level (laser level is ideal)
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
Paint Colors

This whimsical girls' nursery idea features the following colors:

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Furniture provided by Sorelle Furniture. Styling provided by Tyndall Arrasmith.

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