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Interior Paint Problems: Poor Stain Resistance

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Image of paint with poor stain resistance.

     Crayon marks on paint with poor stain resistance
                      (Photo: The Paint Quality Institute)

Poor stain resistance refers to failure of the paint to resist absorption of dirt and stains.

Paints with low stain resistance absorb dirt, grime and stains. Choosing a high-quality paint with high stain resistance and properly priming the surface will help make staining less likely, and dirt and grime easier to remove.

What Causes Poor Paint Stain Resistance?

  • Using low-quality, porous paint
  • Application of paint to unprimed substrate

How to Prevent Poor Paint Stain Resistance

  • High-quality latex paints contain more binders, which help prevent stains from penetrating the painted surface. This makes cleaning easier.
  • Properly priming surfaces provides maximum film thickness for paint and helps make it more stain-resistant.
  • Eggshell and satin paints are generally more stain-resistant than flat paints.

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