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Young House Love Favorite Paint Colors

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Benjamin Moore's newest paint color palette was chosen by the Petersik family of Young House Love.

The Petersik family of Young House Love has inspired millions of other DIYers.

Still in love! The popular bloggers of Young House Love share their favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors—again!

John and Sherry Petersik, DIY extraordinaires and creators of the popular Young House Love blog, have delighted and inspired millions with their often humorous—and always engaging—do-it-yourself stories. And as of last year, the duo began spreading inspiration through print, too, with the release of their New York Times' bestseller, also titled Young House Love.

With a never-ending list of projects and aspirations, John and Sherry continue to empower readers to tackle their own design projects and renos. And with their down-to-earth approach, they provide readers with more than the necessary "how to" information for each project. They also show us how to experiment and have fun along the way.

This year, for the second year in a row, we invited John and Sherry to pick 32 favorite paint colors from our collection of more than 3,600 hues. The palette they selected includes a beautiful range of colors, from bright tones and rich colors to soft hues and neutrals.

When asked how they arrived at the 32 colors, John responded, "We wanted this year's collection to feel fresh while also covering a nice, wide range: peaceful neutrals, bold and happy bright tones, and even soft and subtle non-neutrals. We love bold colors, but remind ourselves that a color doesn't always need to be loud to make an impact in a room."

Sherry continued, "Sure, Benjamin Moore paint is known for its quality and durability, and we can attest to that, but our favorite thing about it is the range of color. They just have every hue you could possibly be looking for—so picking our favorite 32 colors for the year is never easy! Picture hundreds of swatches laid out all over our living room while we sifted through every last one!"

That devotion and enthusiasm is just one part of what makes this DIY couple's blog so much fun to read.

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