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Exterior Paint Color Ideas

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Regardless of its setting or style, you can give your home a very different look just by changing its exterior colors.

We've created several beautiful ideas for exterior paint color combinations to help guide your personal selection process. Some may be steeped in tradition, while others are more modern and elaborate in color scheme—yet all of our house paint color ideas are equally exquisite and tasteful.

View Our Exterior Paint Color Ideas & Palettes.

Northeast—Classic Colonial
weimeraner (AF-155),  wenge (AF-180),  mascarpone (AF-20),  dinner party (AF-300) 

The deep brown wenge shutters offset the tawny maple tone of the house beautifully, while the off-white trim draws the eye to the classic architectural details. The burnished red door, in dinner party, lends the right amount of color to keep with the upscale look.

Body: weimeraner (AF-155)
Shutters: wenge (AF-180)
Trim: mascarpone (AF-20)
Door: dinner party (AF-300)

Northeast—Colonial Chameleon
stonington gray (HC-170),  kendall charcoal (HC-166),  mascarpone (AF-20),  dinner party (AF-300) 

Stonington gray updates this lovely Colonial by giving it a light, more contemporary-looking facade. The lustrous kendall charcoal on the shutters creates a pleasing contrast, while the mascarpone trim retains the overall elegance of this dignified home.

Body: stonington gray (HC-170)
Shutters: kendall charcoal (HC-166)
Trim: mascarpone (AF-20)
Door: dinner party (AF-300)

Southeast—The Colors of Charm
weston flax (HC-5), white dove (OC-17), yorktowne green (HC-133)

Weston flax conveys Southern hospitality as it envelops this delightfully traditional home. The soft white trim defines the distinctive angles and curves throughout, while the contrasting yorktowne green door introduces a certain stateliness.

Body: weston flax (HC-5)
Trim: white dove (OC-17)
Door: yorktowne green (HC-133)

Southeast—Southern Sophisticate
misted green (2138-50), white dove (OC-17), classic brown (2109-10)

Shrouded in misted green, this picturesque home evokes a calming harbor. When paired with a classic brown door, these hues seamlessly coexist as they do in nature. Meanwhile, the white dove trim emphasizes its striking architecture.

Body: misted green 2138-50)
Trim: white dove (OC-17)
Door: classic brown (2109-10)

Midwest—At Home in the Heartland
pearl harbor (2165-50), dakota woods green (2139-20), deep in thought (AF-30)

Embodying the warm, welcoming character of America's heartland, the palette for this charming Midwest house is anchored by the cozy yellow beloved among the region's rural homes. Deep dakota woods green shutters suggest the area's fertile, farm-belt sensibility.

Body: pearl harbor (2165-50)
Shutters: dakota woods green (2139-20)
Trim: deep in thought (AF-30)

Midwest—Home on the Range
hot spring stones (AC-31), witching hour (2120-30), deep in thought (AF-30)

A delightful Midwest farmhouse gets a modern twist with this palette of neutrals and accent shades. The crisp deep in thought trim frames the home's classic lines, while the deep blue-gray witching hour on the shutters adds contemporary, all-American freshness.

Body: hot spring stones (AC-31)
Shutters: witching hour (2120-30)
Trim: deep in thought (AF-30)

Northwest—Natural Style
clarksville gray (HC-102), stampede (979), black (2132-10), paper mache (AF-25)

This traditional Craftsman home in the Northwest owes its fresh, organic style to the down-to-earth pairing of clarksville gray and stampede. Black shutters and a trio of gabled roofs accented in creamy off-white create visual interest against this neutral backdrop.

Body: clarksville gray (HC-102)
Upper Body Accent: stampede (979)
Shutters: black (2132-10)
Trim: paper mache (AF-25)

Northwest—Natural Cool
buxton blue (HC-149), aegean teal (2136-40), blue note (2129-30), paper mache (AF-25)

Inspired by the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest, this charming Craftsman home is a blue-hued beauty. Classic yet contemporary, it taps a trio of cool blues to define and distinguish its architectural features. The paper mache trim highlights the home's graceful lines.

Body: buxton blue (HC-149)
Upper Body Accent: aegean teal (2136-40)
Shutters: blue note (2129-30)
Trim: paper mache (AF-25)

Southwest—Desert Hues
salmon stream (2173-30), white oaks (1080), colonial blue (1677)

The muted, earthy tones we used for this Spanish Mission home mimic its surrounding Southwest terrain. We selected colonial blue for an unexpected touch of color in this bold, organic palette.

Body: salmon stream (2173-30)
Trim: white oaks (1080)
Accent: colonial blue (1677)

Southwest—Southwestern Style
peau de soie (AF-60), warm brownie (2101-30), covington blue (HC-138)

For a more subtle look, we opted for light and creamy peau de soie, accented by a deep brown trim that highlights the details of the design. To add a hint of color, we used covington blue as an accent color as well.

Body: peau de soie (AF-60)
Trim: warm brownie (2101-30)
Accent: covington blue (HC-138)

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