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Interior Design Ideas

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Energize that outdated den. Invigorate your bedroom with a fresh new perspective. Create a whole new space for your children. The interior design ideas you need are here, waiting to be discovered. Our inspirational designs are a series of room makeovers created to stir your imagination. You can use part, or all of our room painting ideas, or maybe just use the inspiration to come up with a whole new approach of your own. It's your space. Transform it with your own personal sense of style.

A living room's interior color done with Benjamin Moore's Ticonderoga Taupe (992), Vellum (207), and Albescent (OC-40) wall paints to create a stripe effect.

Living Rooms Design Ideas

A bedroom with the ceiling and trim painted with Benjamin Moore's  Crème Caramel (OC-84), goes with the slightly darker Bar Harbor Beige (1032) wall paint that together produce quiet tones of linen, ecru and cream.

Bedroom Design Ideas

A hallway's interior color is produced with Benjamin Moore's red clay hue (Spoonful of Sugar 041) wall paint creates a unique design element and warm background for the art pieces on display.


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