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Painting Vinyl and Aluminum Siding

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Contractor painting vinyl siding on house exterior

Add value to your painting business, and to your customer's home, by painting vinyl or aluminum siding.

If your customer's home has faded, worn vinyl or aluminum siding, offer paint as an economical way to get a new look and add curb appeal.

Applying paint to vinyl and aluminum siding improves its durability, and is actually less labour-intensive than painting wood, masonry, or hardboard surfaces. Because the siding does not retain moisture, it is easy to clean and dries quickly.

Benefits of repainting vinyl or aluminum siding

Repainting offers long-lasting benefits to your customer:

  • Restores weathered or faded siding to nearly factory-new appearance, improving the value of the home

  • Updates a home's colour scheme for enhanced curb appeal

  • Protects the siding from the elements with the latest coating technology

Follow these steps for the best results:

Step 1: Cleaning

Before you begin painting, hand scrub or power wash the surface to remove any mildew, chalking or other residue. This will ensure maximum adhesion and help to avoid staining.

Benjamin Moore's Clean - Multi-Purpose Cleaner (K318) is ideal for cleaning vinyl and aluminum siding. No matter which cleaner you use, remember to rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean water.

When power washing, use caution with your pressure settings so that you do not damage the siding or remove sound paint. Take care when washing around windows, doors, vents, soffits, or other openings.

Step 2: Priming

Spot-prime any bare aluminum areas, and be sure to prime any pitted or porous areas in vinyl siding. For this task, we recommend Fresh Start® Multi-Purpose Latex Primer (K023).

Step 3: Selecting Paint

For coating both vinyl and aluminum siding, our premium Aura® or REGAL® Select exterior paints are ideal choices.

These paints are formulated to provide superior adhesion and excellent resistance to chalking, and feature a high-build film that is extremely durable, even in extreme weather conditions.

They also provide excellent gloss and colour retention, and can be applied in temperatures as low as 4°C. Another benefit: they are formulated to resist mildew growth and dirt pickup.

Step 4: Selecting Colours

To avoid warping in vinyl siding caused by paint colours that absorb heat, be sure to choose from our Vinyl Select collection. These specially designed colours are safe to use on vinyl siding and offer your customer a wide range of choices.

Step 5: Maintenance

Offer your customer power washing each spring to maintain the appearance and extend the life of your paint job.

Note: While paint adhesion can be affected by the wax or silicone layer common in newly-installed aluminum siding, and by plasticizers in vinyl siding, these compounds are removed naturally by time and weather.

Learn more about our Vinyl Select colours, specially formulated for vinyl siding.

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