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Exterior Colour Schemes with Affinity® Paint Colours

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Choosing a flawless colour scheme for your home's exterior is easy with the Affinity Collection paint colour palette. These 60 specially designed hues complement each other for a seamless, harmonious look.

We've put together these inspirational home exterior colour combinations to demonstrate how beautifully Affinity colours work to enhance your home's architecture, character, and surroundings.

(Online colour representations can only approximate the actual colour due to monitor calibration.)

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Colourful Craftsman

Rich colour is an integral part of the charm of this Craftsman-style home. The body of the home is painted in a quiet sage, laying the foundation for touches of bolder accent colours. Note how the windows wear complementary hues of gold and aubergine, while the trim and brackets of the roof eaves boast a deep sea blue.

Craftsman home painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Thicket AF-405
Schooner AF-520
Chambourd AF-645
Citrine AF-370


Grand Spanish Villa

Earthy tones complement this striking home's architecture. The steps mimic the rich tones of the tile roof, and the home's complex golden hue is subtle enough to work with the lush surroundings, yet strong enough not to appear washed out in the locale's brilliant sunshine. The door and trim emphasize the details of the entrance and windows.

Spanish villa painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Rattan AF-375
Rustique AF-275
Silhouette AF-655


Fresh Federal

For this beautiful stucco home we combined contrasting tones in a monochromatic scheme to create an organically elegant look. We painted the home a perfect mid-toned mineral grey, accented with deep kohl shutters and door. A soft white is used for the trim to create a balanced look while highlighting the architectural details.

Stucco home painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Deep in Thought AF-30
Silhouette AF-655
Fusion AF-675


Genteel Tudor

This stately Tudor wears an elegant paint colour palette. We painted it in a classic bisque and added a timeless charcoal colour to the paneled door. A touch of polished colour, expressed through the use of smoky teal on the home's trim and windows, complements the hues in the stunning slate roof, with the deeper trim colour contrasting nicely.

Tudor home painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Jute AF-80
Blue Echo AF-505
Flint AF-560


Quintessential Colonial

This classic colonial illustrates how a balanced palette can enhance a home's defining features. We painted it a smoky taupe to complement its stone foundation. Instead of classic black shutters, we used a rich brown for a more modern look. Ivory trim emphasizes the architectural details while the inviting burgundy door welcomes visitors.

Colonial home painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Weimaraner AF-155
Mascarpone AF-20
Wenge AF-180
Dinner Party AF-300


Contemporary Chateau

Cool neutral hues complement this grand contemporary dwelling. The soft beige fa�ade is restful to the eye—a point of consideration for larger homes—while the creamy trim highlights the home's multi-paned windows. Subtle touches of taupe trim add balance and depth without complicating the home's architectural style or color palette.

Contemporary home painted in Benjamin Moore Affinity exterior paint

Coastal Path AF-380
Mascarpone AF-20
Weimaraner AF-155

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