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Media Rooms - Popcorn...Candy...COLOUR!

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Media Room #1

Media Room #2

Home theatre, media room, or man-cave — whatever name it goes by in your house, it can be a challenge to decorate.

Used for romantic movie nights, filled to the brim with kids, and perhaps even doubling as a formal living room by day, this sought-after space has to meet many needs. The first step is to determine those needs!

Is the room separate and with only one purpose? If so, you have a bit more freedom with colour and style. But if it is multifunctional and part of an open plan, then it's advisable to maintain harmony and work with your existing paint colour plan.

Media Room #1

This photograph illustrates a media room/living room with artichoke (2141-10) green adorning the walls with decorative accents in tasty carob (AF-160) brown and thunder (AF-685) gray.

This casually elegant colour combination works well for a main living space, as it will appeal to everyone, movie buff or not.

The choice of materials helps to set it apart as a home theatre: the heavily textured rug and an upholstered ottoman help with sound absorption and, of course, they also add a cozy feel.

The window treatments are versatile, allowing ample daylight, with heavier curtains layered that can block it out when necessary.

The media cabinet's finish is more fitting for a main living space and, with closed cabinet doors, it helps to keep the clutter of video games, DVD's, and other accessories at bay.

Media Room #2

In this room, the home theatre is a separate space in the basement, its sole purpose being entertainment! With this in mind, we were free to take a more youthful and fun approach to decorating.

The walls are painted with the deep yet vibrant terrapin green (2145-20). To minimize contrast, the ceiling was painted with dill pickle (2147-40), and for fun we added a custom stencil pattern to create a feature wall.

The dark but lively colours set the perfect tone for a basement media room.

The wall-to-wall carpet is perfect for sound and comfort, and the tub tables can double as extra seating to accommodate more visitors.

The décor in this space is tailored to the cinema theme, with vintage movie posters and a streamlined shelving system for media components.

When you are decorating your own media space at home, remember these tips:

  • Carpeting, rugs, upholstered furniture and wall prints help with sound
  • Heavy curtains assist both lighting and sound concerns
  • Tailor your media housing cabinet to the function of the room (you can never have enough storage)
  • Hang the TV low enough for optimum viewing (at sitting eye-level is ideal)

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Happy decorating!


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