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Take Room Décor to New Heights with Ceiling Colour

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To add style and polish to your décor, start by looking up! Infuse your ceiling with a creative dose of colour.

It's no wonder designers call the ceiling the "fifth wall" to note its importance when choosing a colour palette for a room. After all, the ceiling is probably the largest expanse of uninterrupted space in a room, so its colour greatly impacts the room's ambience.

The right ceiling paint also makes a huge difference. For a rich, sophisticated look, choose Benjamin Moore's Waterborne Ceiling Paint. Specifically formulated for ceilings, its ultra–flat finish absorbs more light than even the flattest wall paint, eliminating ceiling glare and hiding a multitude of common surface imperfections. With its low reflective quality, it gives you a beautiful flat look that is virtually flawless. Our Waterborne Ceiling Paint is available in thousands of gorgeous colours. Also, it's fast–drying, goes on easily, and is spatter–resistant–leaving nothing but pure, beautiful colour overhead.

The next time you're ready to refresh the look of a room and don't know where to begin–look up! Adding colour to your ceiling requires no more time or effort than painting it white, yet this simple act can completely transform the look and feel of a room.

Here are a few ceiling colour tips to help you create a more beautiful room:

Your "fifth wall" can become an artistic complement to any room's décor.

A New Altitude

A large room with a high ceiling can feel impersonal or unbalanced when furnishings, floor coverings, and accessories visually occupy the bottom half of the space, leaving the top portion looking bare and boring.

In a room like this, experiment with a ceiling colour in a deeper shade or apply a pattern. In this example, we used colour to create an architectural feature. To create this faux cove ceiling, we used midsummer night (2134-20), a rich cocoa colour, surrounded by creamy frappe (AF-85) to produce the recessed look.

A decorative ceiling medallion and chandelier create an interesting focal point in the center of the ceiling and contribute to the formal yet warm feel of the room.

Make Your "Accent Wall" the Ceiling

Neutrals are the perfect transitional colours. Carried from room to room, they create harmonious colour flow throughout the home. In rooms with neutral-coloured walls, an unexpected pop of colour on the ceiling adds interest and personality, and can really turn up the charm.

In this home office, the creative use of colour on the ceiling brings the eye up and creates a vibrant focal point. Cheerful persimmon (2088-40) envelopes this otherwise neutral space with rich, warm colour without overwhelming it. It beautifully complements the light walls.

For ceiling colour ideas, look to the furnishings and other room elements for inspiration and choose a colour that complements them.

Above and Beyond

Higher ceilings cry out for creative treatments. They can handle bold colours and designs, even in smaller rooms.

In this room, neutral walls, a high ceiling, and spare furnishings present a blank canvas for a dramatic design element.

The stenciled designs painted in cherry wine (2080-30) and frostine (AF-5) dance on a background of chocolaty brown sugar (2112-20).

We picked up the accent colours seen in the bedding, pillows, and chair to create a strong graphic that maximizes the vertical space and balances the other elements in the room. The wide stripe extends the headboard up the wall and onto the ceiling, drawing the eye upward.

Taking Style to New Heights

In this dining room, long, slim windows and generously proportioned crown molding work to lower the tray ceiling. Too much colour or a busy pattern on the ceiling would make the room feel closed-in.

By contrast, soothing wythe blue (HC-143) on the ceiling creates the light, airy feeling of a springtime sky and seems to lift the entire room. Subtle and sophisticated, it complements the traditional dark wall colour and softens the room's overall formality.

This calming blue pairs well with the light-coloured furnishings, floor covering, and curtains.

Get this elegant look by painting the walls sharkskin (2139-30) and the trim battenberg (AF-70). The stencil design was done in fresh olive (2149-30).

Things Are Looking Up

Warm, organic colours on both the walls and ceiling create a cozy yet elegant look in this modern bedroom.

The walls are painted in stardust (2108-40), a deep, warm, sophisticated taupe. Pairing this colour with tone-on-tone furnishings and accessories in soft, muted hues creates an almost monochromatic colour scheme.

To provide a pop of contrast and a visual "break," we've painted the ceiling in warm farm fresh (AF-360). Its subtle orange tone adds an overall glow to the room. This hue complements a wide range of other colours, making it a perfect choice to repeat throughout your home.

When working with a tone-on-tone colour palette, use texture and patterns in your décor to create visual interest.

Orange bedroom ceiling

Over-the-Top Glamour

This modern home features an unconventional mix of contemporary and traditional furnishings. Along with the large-scale design pieces, there's a lot to look at in this eclectic decorating scheme.

This room provides the perfect example of how to add a bit of drama while maintaining a neutral colour scheme.

The walls are painted in sand lot gray (2107-50), a warm neutral with a rosy undertone, to provide a non-competing backdrop for the room's furniture and design elements.

A darker tone of gray on the high ceiling brings the eye down, allowing the room's architectural details and other elements to take center stage. We chose rich, classic chelsea gray (HC-168) to give this ceiling a touch of glamour.

See thousands of beautiful colors and color combinations in our Color Gallery.

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