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Living Room Color Schemes

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Living room styles changed over the decades of the 20th century, shown in the 1970-era living room pictured here, which has brighter and more vibrant walls that the room from the late 1930s, also pictured.

Here are living room color schemes depicted in Benjamin Moore decorating brochures published between 1930 and 1988. The walls in rooms shown in the various brochures got deeper and brighter as the century progressed. Nevertheless, one bit of advice remained constant. It was: "Don't be afraid to use color on your walls!"

Circa 1930

View a living room color scheme from the 1930.

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Circa 1938

See how the room colors changed between 1930 and 1938.

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Circa 1948

View a new color scheme for the many new houses built after the second World War.

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Circa 1954

The 1950s were a singular decade in American history. Find out how living room color schemes reflected the times.

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Circa 1970

Colors and decorating schemes changed quite a bit throughout the 60s and early 70s. See an ideal color scheme from 1970.

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Circa 1988

See how color schemes in a showcase living room were very different, just 20 years ago.

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