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Your Life, Your Color, Your Choice

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Pick a color. Any color. A Benjamin Moore retailer can match it.

From oversized chips to our color sheets, our professional color tools are unsurpassed in the industry. Pioneered and perfected by Benjamin Moore, our Computer Color Matching System can match the color of any sample 1-inch square or larger. Since 1883, we have been producing color cards and brochures, highlighting trends, offering combinations, and featuring regional colors across the continent. Our Personal Color Viewer® lets DIYers and professionals alike visualize their completed projects in any of Benjamin Moore’s vast array of colors. Users can import a digital image of their own project or work with a selection of stock interiors and exteriors. Our Pint Color Samples serve up our most popular color selections, enabling consumers to see exactly how a color looks on any surface in any light. is the place to get inspired, see colors come to life, track decorating projects, review our product portfolio and product attributes, get answers to your coatings questions, or contact a Benjamin Moore designer for advice on personalizing your home’s palette.
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