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Bedroom Color Schemes for Sweet Dreams

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Bedroom paint ideas featuring monochromatic color schemes, where tints and shades of a single color are used, can be just the right approach when you want to create a sense of tranquility.

Quiet tones of linen, ecru and cream create a space that is soothing and restful–just perfect for this charming bedroom. Textural interest keeps tonal bedroom paint color schemes from becoming boring. Scenic prints, quilted bedding, and an interesting mix of accessories that include painted metal and sparkling glass add visual richness while maintaining the bedroom's calming feel.

To complement our monochromatic bedroom color ideas, we used a mix of warm, natural wood tones found in the floor and storage cabinet to balance out the painted headboard and nightstand, giving the room's delicate color palette visual depth. An elegantly patterned rug in a mix of soft neutral hues dotted with deep, rich burgundy adds both texture and pattern to the room, and works as a grounding element to the space's delicate accessories and wall colors.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Prime the surfaces with Fresh Start® Primer. Allow to dry.
  • Roll on the ceiling color first. Allow to dry.
  • Next, roll on the wall color. Allow to dry.
  • Paint trim and allow to dry.

Supply List


  • Drop cloth
  • Benjamin Moore rollers
  • Roller tray
  • Painter's tape
  • Benjamin Moore paint brushes
  • Rags for cleanup


To use our bedroom paint ideas in the picture above, use the following Benjamin Moore paints:

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