Yellow Paint
Color by Family

An elegant dining area in yellow wall accents. An elegant dining area in yellow wall accents.

Yellow Paint
Color by Family

From rich and decadent gold tones, to pale, buttercream hues, yellow paint colors lift spirits while providing warmth and comfort.

Yellow-painted walls add energy and optimism to any room. Just remember that saturated yellows can be strong, one of the reasons brighter yellows are typically used for accent colors, while muted and light yellow paints work better for an entire room.

Most Popular Yellow Paint Colors

Choose from Benjamin Moore's most popular yellows.

A wall painted in York Harbor Yellow 2154-40.

Go for the Gold (Paint)

Bold yet inviting, golden, mustard yellow paints like Gold Mine 2155-20, Buttercup 2154-30 and York Harbor Yellow 2154-40, pictured here, add zing to any room. Neutrals that balance beautifully with these deep yellows include Edgecomb Gray HC-173 and Shaker Beige HC-45.

Deep golds reminiscent of opulent metallics include Metallic Gold 2163-40, Gilded Ballroom CSP-980, and Citrine AF-370. Consider one of these gold paint colors paired with a complementary jewel tone in your dining room or living room for an elevated, elegant look.

Love the metallic finish of precious stones and metals? Try a higher paint sheen.
A sunny kitchen corner painted in Hawthorne Yellow HC-4.

A Sunny Yellow Kitchen

Yellow is often associated with health and well-being, so it’s no surprise that it’s a popular color for kitchens. Here, Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 beautifully complements cool grays and warms up natural wood tones.

In any room, a yellow accent wall in an otherwise white or neutral room adds instant vitality. We love bright yellow paint colors like Banana Yellow 2022-40 and Yellow Highlighter 2021-40 for the cheerfulness and charm they effortlessly exude.
A cozy living room painted in pale yellow Man on the Moon OC-106 on walls.

The Subtle Effect of the Pale Yellow Wall

While bolder yellows are great for accent colors, we recommend more muted, toned-down yellows when painting more than one wall in a room. Soft yellows are integral to our Off White color collection, including Goldtone OC-112 and, as seen in this cozy living room, Man on the Moon OC-106.

You’ll also find a range of pale yellows in the Benjamin Moore Affinity color collection—a curated palette of 144 colors that mix and match with one another seamlessly—making it easier than ever to choose color. Yellow paint colors we love from Affinity include Soleil AF-330 and Anjou Pear AF-425.
A bright and welcoming yellow front door painted in Stuart Gold HC-10.

Yellow Exteriors: A Natural Hue

A front door painted yellow gives the world a clue about the upbeat personality of a home’s owner, as seen on this Stuart Gold HC-10 front door.

Homeowners love yellow on their home exterior not only for its sunny style, but for its ability to make a more modest home appear slightly more expansive. Yellow is also a great backdrop for all types of landscaping, from traditional potted plants to flowering cacti. We love Weston Flax HC-5, seen on this gorgeous home exterior.
A Benjamin Moore paint color sample.

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