Purple Paint
Color by Family

A wooden table with glasses, dishes, and candles in front of a dark purple wall. A wooden table with glasses, dishes, and candles in front of a dark purple wall.

Purple Paint
Color by Family

Love a fresh, playful shade of lavender? Or do dark, moody plums speak more to your style? Whether you’re searching for a mood-boosting pastel or a dramatic hue, purple paint colors bring personality to any space.

Symbolic of royalty, luxury, and ambition, infusing your space with purple paint colors adds subtle grandeur. Soft lilac shades uplift the spirit while encouraging the imagination, perfect for sparking creative stimulation. Deep or vivid purple hues instantly set the tone, from moody bedrooms to dining rooms steeped with dark glamour.
A contemporary living room with a dark purple accent wall frames a flat-screen TV, a white couch with black and white throw pillows, white metal chair, shaggy white rug, and two faux fur ottomans.

A Spectrum of Purples

A balance between blue and red, shades of purple range from lilac and periwinkle to magenta and wine.

Red-purple paint colors tend to be warmer, and pair well with greens, creams, golds, and warmer wood tones. Embrace red undertones with colors like Porcelain 2113-60, Aplomb AF-625, and the deeply saturated stunner, Dark Burgundy 2075-10.

Blue-toned purples are cooler than their red counterparts. They pair beautifully with silvers, blues, and black paint colors. For blue-toned purples, consider Nosegay 1401, Blue Orchid 2069-50, or dark Plum Royale 2070-20.

Here, a dramatic accent wall in rich Black Raspberry 2072-20 helps camouflage a flat screen TV in this striking contemporary seating area.
A gray fireplace in front of a purple-painted wall, with golden frames and pink flowers on the mantel.

Dark Purple Paint Colors

Dark purple anchors any space, a rich background that stands out while being a conduit for a variety of design styles. Deeper purples pair well with both warm and cool tones like gold, brass, blues, and greens. Flexible and fun, rich purples buoy both masculine and feminine style preferences.

Looking to set the mood with purple wall paint colors? Use hues like Galaxy 2117-20 and Caponata AF-650 as excellent alternatives to black, or Shadow 2117-30, a former color of the year.

Velvety, warm, and enveloping Chambourd AF-645, seen here, pairs with Smoke Gray 2120-40—which has an underlying hint of blue—on the mantel. The end result is powerful and classic, ideal for spending late nights in front of the hearth, enjoying company or solitude.
A bathroom with taupe walls tinged with light purple undertone; white wainscoting, cabinetry and trim; silver mirror; and white door open to a chair and rug in hallway.

Fresh! Light Purple Paint Colors

Light lavender paint colors are delicate, refreshing and creative. Soothing and lovely, they bring an airy element to any room. Like the calming, sleep-enhancing scent of lavender flowers, lavender and lilac paint colors are excellent choices for relaxing bedrooms.

Sleep soundly with soft shades like Dreamy Cloud 2117-70 or Slip AF-605, and pair with off-whites like Distant Gray OC-68 or Alabaster OC-129 for effortless elegance.

The airy look of light lavenders harmonize beautifully with green, another excellent option when looking for purple paint color pairings. Ground pastel purples with greens like Fernwood Green 2145-40 and Rosemary Sprig 2144-30.

Here, a hallway in Lavender Mist 2070-60 presents an inviting entryway to the bathroom in Antique Pearl 2113-70. These soft purple paint colors provide a luxurious, yet comforting, ambiance, as well as enhance color flow throughout the home.
An artist’s wooden desk with pots filled with brushes, apples scattered along the tabletop, and a red stool, all in front of a purple-painted wall.

Muted Purples, Gray Violets

Muted purples with gray undertones are incredibly calming, while providing a sophisticated feel and timelessness.

Grayish lavender paints act as neutrals with a hint of color, making gray purple paint colors ideal for breathing personality into a beige or off-white color scheme.

Vintage Wine 2116-20, shown here, is an anchoring, rich hue that combines the comfort of a brown with the luxury of a smoky violet. Evocative of earthy, boho style, Vintage Wine enhances textures like natural wood, linen, and glass. Try using pops of accent colors, such as the red shown on this stool, to add interest and dimension.

Looking for more purple paint colors with a hint of gray? Check out Misty Memories 2118-60, Majestic Mauve 2115-60, or Sanctuary AF-620.
A modern dining room with a purple-painted accent wall, white fireplace, stacks of books, a dining table, and 3 modern dining chairs.

Bright Purple Paint Colors

Bright purple instantly brightens up any space, adding a jolt of energy. Creative and colorful, use bright purple paint colors to spruce up your mudrooms, playrooms, and home offices.

An excellent choice for an accent wall, we love these cheery purples for a bold color statement: Lily Lavender 2071-60, Mystical Grape 2071-30, and Summer Plum 2074-20.

In your dining room, use purple to brighten your Sunday brunch and after-work dinners with shades like Blue Orchid 2069-50 or Freesia 1432. Here, walls in Enchanted 2070-50 do the talking while trim and fireplace in Ice Mist OC-67 bring a cool balance and modern elements create a clean, cohesive space.
A magenta fabric on a table, topped with a pot of flowers in front of a purple wall.

Relax: Purple Bedroom Paint Colors

From romantic master suites to modern bedrooms for the kids, there’s a purple paint color for everyone. Create an oasis for house inhabitants and guests alike with relaxing grayish violets like Touch of Gray 2116-60, or a delicate, dusty shade like Central Mauve 1412.

For a lively, fresh take on violet paint for bedrooms, consider Lavender Ice 2069-60, Spring Lilac 1388, and Whisper Violet 2070-70.

Here, magical Porcelain 2113-60 creates the perfect backdrop for a soothing infusion in your bedroom. This delicate shade sets the scene for snuggling up on stormy nights and getting ready on sunny mornings.

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