Neutral Paint
Color by Family

Airy kitchen with gray accent wall and mint ceiling; large paper lantern lighting above circular table with wooden chairs. Airy kitchen with gray accent wall and mint ceiling; large paper lantern lighting above circular table with wooden chairs.

Neutral Paint
Color by Family

Incredibly versatile and surprisingly complex, neutral paint colors are a homeowner favorite.

Relaxing and soothing, neutral colors—including white and gray—exude calm. Turn to our online inspiration or in-store advice as you consider the vast array of neutrals. And don’t forget to paint samples on your wall before buying: Seeing color on the wall, no matter how subtle your choice, is the only way to ensure it’s perfect for your space.

Warm + Cool + Most Popular Neutral Paint Colors

A neutral wood-based kitchen opens to an inviting living room

How to Choose Neutral Paint Colors

When considering neutral paint color, look at the undertone that aligns with your desired design outcome:

  • For a cozy feel in your room, consider a warm neutral paint color with undertones of yellow, red or orange.
  • If you want a more open, airy vibe, consider neutrals such as white and gray that have cooler undertones like green, blue or purple.

Survey your room or floor for predominant color direction. The room pictured here is rich with wood tones, so Jute AF-80, a warm beige, makes for a cohesive match.
A gray and neutral hallway leads to a white staircase.

Focus on Lighting and Neutral Colors

Lighting always plays a critical role in color perception, and neutrals are particularly sensitive. To select the best neutral paint color for your home, test each hue in different lighting conditions.

Here, the near wall in Revere Pewter HC-172 is a classic ‘greige’ that can appear as beige, gray or off-white based on changing light at different times of the day.
Bedroom with a white washed brick wall behind a tan canopy bed with lilac pillows and throw blanket.

The Best Neutral Paint Colors: Bedroom

Many homeowners want to know what hues are the most flattering in the bedroom to set a relaxing mood and create a “neutral territory” for those who share this intimate space. “Everyone looks and feels different based on the colors they’re surrounded by,” says Hannah Yeo, Color & Design expert, “Look for a color that flatters your personality.”

Want a shade as stylish as your wardrobe? Neutral colors in a bedroom can help you assess your clothing more easily. Favorites include luxurious Wish AF-680 and Pashmina AF-100, as well as Clay Beige OC-11, shown here.
Open modern living room with light neutral walls and mixed-style furnishing

The Best Neutral Paint Colors: Living Room

When realtors stage a home, they commonly choose neutral paint colors because of their adaptability, inviting nature, and overall balance. If you frequently swap out accent pieces or have bright, colorful furniture, like the coffee table here in Marlboro Blue HC-153, neutral paint colors are a great option.

We love the barely-there hues of Ashen Tan 996, pictured, and silvery Halo OC-46. Want to go deeper? Earthy Saddle Soap 2110-30 offers color saturation while remaining a sturdy, goes-with-anything neutral.
Modern country style home with white exterior and dark trim

A Warm Welcome

A neutral color palette for your home’s exterior offers a beautiful backdrop for flora and fauna, from evergreens to cacti. Here, Baby’s Breath OC-62 beckons a soft welcome. Other beigey neutrals that provide timeless curb appeal include Bleeker Beige HC-80 and Smokey Taupe 983.

Add some spark to neutral exteriors with a deep accent color, as seen here with rich Baby Seal Black 2119-30 on trim. Be sure to take color inspiration from stone, slate, wood and other materials from your home’s façade as well.
A Benjamin Moore paint color sample.

Buy a Paint Sample

Test your paint colors from morning to evening, under both natural and artificial lighting conditions.

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A homeowner sampling different interior blue paint colors.

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