Best Greige Paint Colors

Known for delivering beautiful results, greige can be found at the nuanced intersection of gray and beige.

If you love neutrals and grays, greige offers the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that a greige with a stronger gray influence will read more cool in a room, like Nimbus 1465. Conversely, if beige is the stronger color in a chosen greige, the room will read more warm, like Edgecomb Gray HC-173.

Revere Pewter HC-172, a soft, welcoming greige paint color, works either as a warm or a cool hue depending on a room’s lighting conditions. Revere Pewter is also a homeowner favorite and Benjamin Moore bestseller.
A corner reading nook with walls painted in Pashmina AF-100.

Pashmina AF-100

This mid-tone greige offers a dusky, neutral backdrop in any room. From pale pinks to rich browns to soft black paint colors, Pashmina AF-100 seamlessly brings everything together for a cohesive look.

Here Pashmina AF-100 pairs with Balboa Mist OC-27 on the trim for an effect that is both earthy and elevated.
A white bedroom with panelled walls painted in Classic Gray OC-23.

Classic Gray OC-23

Using greige alongside a white wall is a timeless design choice.

Here, Classic Gray OC-23 creates a focal point with an accent wall that highlights the architectural detail of a paneled wall. Simply White OC-117 in a matte finish on the wall and taupe Indian River 985 semi-gloss on the trim add even more design dimension to this serene bedroom.
A pink chair frames a wall painted in Balboa Mist OC-27.

Balboa Mist OC-27

Balboa Mist OC-27 is a perennial favorite greige.

“Balboa Mist OC-27 has a good dose of gray in it with a slightly warmer cast because of the color’s hint of a red-violet undertone,” explains Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Color Marketing & Development. “However, under other lighting conditions Balboa Mist can skew a bit cooler, illustrating the importance of brushing the paint color on your wall with a sample to make the best decision.
A sitting area with walls painted in Barren Plain 2111-60, fireplace, and two green striped chairs.

Barren Plain 2111-60

Light greige Barren Plain 2111-60 sets off a central mantel in Stormy Monday 2112-50, a mid-tone gray.

Greige—and all neutrals—empower you to use more saturated colors in your room, as seen here in this gorgeous Chambourd AF-645-painted armoire.
A calming room corner with neutral colors and modern accents.

Baby Fawn OC-15

Greige always allows bold accent colors to shine. Here, a contemporary blue rocking chair really pops against this Baby Fawn OC-15-painted room.

Want a uniform, tailored look for your space? Simply extend the same paint color from wall to trim in the same sheen—in this case, eggshell.
A water jug and bowl of eggs set against a wall painted in Wish AF-680.

Wish AF-680

Greige and wood surfaces are truly design soulmates.

Walls painted in Wish AF-680 provide a warm, comfortable vibe when paired with any color, but is made all the more lovely besides a wood table, as seen here, or in a room with wood-finished floors.
A neutral colored bedroom with walls painted in Natural Cream OC-14, bold red throw pillows, and blanket.

Natural Cream OC-14

A balanced greige, Natural Cream OC-14 shifts from cool to warm depending on the lighting conditions in the room.

“There is a glow to this room we love,” says Andrea Magno, Director of Color Marketing & Development. “The combination of the flat, matte sheen on the wall with the semi-gloss window trim is a clever way to make each color stand out a bit more from one another.”
An airy kitchen with walls, cabinets and trim painted in Titanium OC-49, a light greige.

Titanium OC-49

The flexibility of greige transcends beyond painted walls to kitchen cabinetry, as seen in this sun-lit kitchen.

Titanium OC-49 in satin sheen on cabinetry adds a stroke of modernity to an otherwise neutral kitchen. Wood floors and a natural fiber rug lend warmth to the space.
Paint color samples are available in any Benjamin Moore color.

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