Orange Paint
Color by Family

An orange-painted kitchen with a wall of white subway tile, white counters, and copper kitchen instruments. An orange-painted kitchen with a wall of white subway tile, white counters, and copper kitchen instruments.

Orange Paint
Color by Family

From earthy pumpkin to vibrant and playful summer citrus, orange colors take cues from dynamic aspects of nature–tropical flora, brilliant sunrises, and aromatic spices and seasonings.

Breathe energy into your home design with orange paint colors. Always uplifting, shades of orange range from bright mimosa to warm, golden gamboge.
One ceramic vase and one glass vase with yellow flowers on a woven tray in front of an orange-painted wall.

What Colors Make Orange?

Orange sits between red and yellow on the color wheel. Ranging from sweet rosy apricots to mellow morning golden rays, orange color palettes make for stimulating and stylish interior design.

Red-toned oranges can be subtle and soothing or more saturated and expressive. Heighten the drama and create a stunning focal point with an accent wall of Fire Dance 2171-20.

Yellow-orange hues can present as citrusy shades, or more warm, golden hues. Eye of the Tiger 188 walls, seen here, create the perfect backdrop for crisp white ceramics and woven textiles. Beautiful and boho, this gilded shade brings a joyful ambience to any space.

Looking for more golden paint colors? Try Golden Vista 308 or Straw 2154-50.
A peach-painted wall with white trim and gray doors, featuring a set of white coat hooks with various shirts.

Pale Orange: Sweet & Sophisticated

Light orange paint colors are an excellent option for sweeter, more playful styles. Look for pink or red undertones in apricot or peach colors.

Add sophistication by grounding peach paint colors with deeper shades like charcoal grays and midnight blues. Peach Parfait 2175-70 and Flint AF-560, seen here, create an inviting environment to hang your coat, take off your shoes, and get comfortable–whether you live here or not!

For a lighter look, pair peach hues with creamy, off-white paint colors and playful pastels. The pairing of Perfect Peach 2167-50 and Sun Kissed Peach 2168-70 evokes thoughts of fruity teas and citrus sweets. Always flattering, pink paint colors make orange hues with pink undertones ideal for bedrooms.
A light orange-painted bathroom with classic sink, gold mirrors, and two wall lights.

Go Organic: Burnt Orange to Terracotta

Like the sun-soaked warmth of handcrafted clay, terracotta paint colors have hints of red, pink, or orange undertones. Embrace the earthy, rustic qualities of terracotta hues by bringing them into cozy settings like bedrooms and family rooms.

Here, Etruscan AF-355 supplies an old-world aesthetic, paired with a well-worn sink, golden mirror, and simple wall sconces. Trim and ceiling in Cloud Cover OC-25 lightens the room, the perfect foil for the luxurious wall color.

If your personal style leans towards earthenware, natural fibers, and flowering succulents, look to colors like Potters Clay 1221 and Copper Kettle 1218.
A room with white-painted upper walls and wainscoting in orange, featuring a wooden desk with plant décor.

Orange Paint Colors for Living Rooms

Versatile and vibrant, orange is a dynamic, fun choice for living spaces and sitting rooms. Looking for a bold approach to orange living rooms? Try Jeweled Peach 2013-30, Soft Glow 014 and Adobe Orange 2171-30.

For a more subtle approach to orange color schemes, try using an orange shade paired with versatile cool grays or warm and welcoming neutrals. Here, Wickham Gray HC-171 softens the space, allowing lower walls in Soft Pumpkin 2166-40 to pop as its perfect complement. Pair this palette with antiques, wooden living room décor, and lots of greenery to create an eclectic vintage vibe.

We also love the pairing of Masada AF-220 and Nimbus 1465 to create a stunning orange color combination.
A kid’s room with one orange wall and one blue, white trim and doors, a drum set, a yellow chair, and toys.

Kids at Play

Sitting opposite each other on the color wheel as “complementary colors,” blue and orange are a powerful color combination. Together, these hues provide an energetic vibe: Bright orange boosts creativity and invigorates, while blue is calm and inviting– the ideal balance for your children’s bedroom or playroom.

Pair electric tangerines with softer sky blues for an enigmatic space that delights your little one! Here, Orange Parrot 2169-20 and Sapphireberry 2063-60 create a visual punch that excites the eye. Trim, ceiling, and door in Chantilly Lace OC-65 provide a cool, clean slate.
A mostly white-painted kitchen with black counter tops and orange accent behind shelving.

Fresh ‘n Fruity: Orange Kitchens

Turmeric, cayenne pepper, saffron–get inspiration for your orange kitchens from the spices found in your cupboard. Welcoming and cheerful, these versatile hues suit kitchens ideal for entertaining, family dinners, and midnight snacks.

Love an all-white-painted kitchen? Use eye-catching orange accents for a small, yet high-impact focal point. Here, crisp white tiles and soft off-white cabinets in Vanilla Ice Cream OC-90 let Orange Sky 2018-10 provide the perfect pop of color for a creamsicle dream.
A peach-painted hallway with white doors and trim, rattan ceiling light, modern table, and white rug.

Going Steady: Colors That Go with Orange

You’ve found the perfect orange for your walls–what will you pair it with? Look to warmer white paint colors for trim and ceilings, like Simply White OC-117 or White Blush OC-86.

Here, soft Tudor Cream 2157-60 walls paired with trim in Swiss Coffee OC-45 create a light, airy hallway for a perfect transitional space from room to room.

The Picture Perfect Paint Color

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