Notable® Dry Erase Paint Testimonials


Notable® Dry Erase Paint Testimonials

Watch educators, business owners, professional painters and others as they share their first-hand experiences with Notable® Dry Erase Paint.

Our dry erase paint reviews are in: See first-hand how the incredible versatility of Notable® has transformed creative and collaborative spaces at a variety of facilities.
“I think it’s the most amazing invention ever. As a teacher, I’m just honoured to have it in my classroom.” Watch the video to learn more.

Beyond the Basic Whiteboard

In this video, teachers say goodbye to streaky whiteboards and hello to clean writable walls in any colour.

Teachers love having Notable® in their classrooms, and facility managers prefer the ease of application. Most importantly, teachers tout the floor-to-ceiling dry erase walls as a spark for kids to interact more with educational material and each other, changing the learning process for the better.

Using Notable® in kids’ rooms provide yet another way to inspire creativity!
“You’re going to have a coating that’s going to last you for a very long time.” Watch the video to learn more.

A Painter Finds the Best Dry Erase Paint

When faced with a dry erase paint project, Ryan Amato, owner of Amato Painting, was thrilled to learn about Notable® Dry Erase Paint from his local Benjamin Moore retailer.

After negative experiences with other whiteboard paint products, including difficult application, lines and roller marks, sagging and runs, Notable® was a refreshing change. The product’s seamless application, four-hour pot life and neatly packaged kit that comes with everything from a specialty roller cover to wet paint sign, empowered him and his team to do the whiteboard job with confidence.
“This clear product is amazing. You can put it anywhere without compromising the colour of the wall.” Watch the video to learn more.

Keeping it Colourful Across 3.7 Square Metres

Replacing messy wall-taped flyers with clear dry erase paint was just one reason gym owner Holly Snow chose Notable®. Now, her staff can easily update schedules and classes using Notable® on writeable, erasable surfaces, including painted walls, wood, glass, metal and laminate.

Painting contractor Fred Miller, who applied Notable® in Snow’s gym, had previously worked with other dry erase paints that sagged almost instantly and made touch-ups almost impossible. See how Notable® easy application and straightforward instructions truly set it apart for Miller and his team.
“It’s taking us less time, and it has a longer shelf-life.” Watch the video to learn more.

More Whiteboard Paint Reviews from the Professionals

In this video, two experienced professional painters unpack a Notable® Dry Erase Paint kit, remarking on its all-in-one ease, cost efficiency, cleanliness and more.

This video also takes a look at both large conference rooms and study rooms in a Boston-based university, where the product gives students a “big giant area to write their ideas on.”

Looking to use Notable® on a smaller scale? See how it adds inspiration to home offices.
"If we had known about Notable when we were designing the space, we definitely would have gone for that over whiteboards." Watch the video to learn more

A Dry Erase Wall in Any Paint Colour

Before applying Notable dry erase paint, creative digital design agency Ronik had old-fashioned whiteboards covering painted walls. After applying Notable in Clear, the gorgeous Odessa Pink HC-59 once again took centre stage.

In this video, Nicole Barth, Ronik’s Founder & Creative Director, shares how Notable complements the team’s collaborative work environment and how many of their web design and development projects begin at the dry erase wall.
Notable® Dry Erase Paint

Notable® Dry Erase Paint

Premium performance dry erase paint that can be applied to almost any surface, in white or clear.