Find out why Painting Pros Love AURA® Exterior Paint

A Painting Contractor pouring AURA® Exterior Paint into a tray.

Find out why Painting Pros Love AURA® Exterior Paint

Rich colour depth; enhanced UV- and fade-resistance; excellent hide; gloss retention.

See why the most discerning painting professionals count on AURA® Exterior for their exterior painting projects.
Hear from a range of painting professionals on why AURA® Exterior is what discerning professionals depend on.

Pro Painters Count on AURA® Exterior Paint

Citing AURA’s exclusive Colour Lock™ Technology, fast drying formula, leaching-resistance, easy application, velvety finish, and much more—pro painters explain why they love AURA® Exterior Paint.
Hear why this painter regularly recommends AURA® Exterior to wow his customers.

“The curb appeal is absolutely amazing.”

From a longer-lasting finish to richer, deeper colour, hear how this painting pro explains the myriad benefits of AURA® Exterior paint to his customers.
Hear why AURA® Exterior rises to the top for high-end homes that require the best.

“The best of the best.”

High-end homes demand high-end exterior paint: When exacting customers demand the best results, AURA® Exterior delivers.
Hear how pro painters using AURA® Exterior put concerns aside when it comes to surfactant leaching.

“It’s amazing.”

Surfactant leaching can leave unsightly marks on exteriors, especially in areas with heavy rain. AURA® Exterior’s formulation eradicates leaching concerns, making it a vital choice for high-moisture climates.
See why this painting pro opted for AURA® Exterior paint to avoid the severe fading this home had previously experienced.

“Because of Colour Lock™ Technology, it will last for years to come.”

With durability in mind, this painting pro used Cloud Cover OC-25 in AURA® Exterior on a Florida home—with stunning results.
See how AURA® Exterior helps professionals get in and out of any exterior job quickly.

“This covers great.”

Easy to apply with brush, roller and sprayer: See how easy AURA® Exterior paint is for pro painters to work with.

Explore the AURA® Exterior Difference

A person stirring an open can of AURA Exterior paint.

Video Testimonials

Check out more interviews with discerning painters who count on AURA® Exterior.

Four cans of AURA® Exterior paint on a front lawn.

Why AURA® Exterior?

More durable and longer-lasting than ever before, ultra-premium AURA® Exterior paint transforms homes like no other exterior paint.

Aura® Exterior Paint

AURA® Exterior Paint

Get rich exterior colour that’s more fade-resistant and longer lasting.