Registration & Log In | New Registrants 

1. I am new to Benjamin Moore; how do I register for a account?

To get started, go to our Account Registration/Login page, which can also be accessed by clicking the person icon on the upper right hand corner of every Benjamin Moore website page. If you are on a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet, go to the menu and look for Register or Sign In

To sign up, go to the Need an Account box and click Get Started, which will take you to the Create an Account page. There, you’ll enter registration information, including whether you’d like to opt-in to receive Benjamin Moore emails and your relationship to Benjamin Moore.

Click Create My Account, at the bottom of the page, to complete your registration. Then, look for an email verification in the inbox of the email with which you registered. Click on the Validate Email link, or use the email’s enclosed hyperlink to verify your email.  If your registration is validated, you’ll see a Success message with a link to sign in.

PLEASE NOTE: Your new account information will not give you access to Personal Colour Viewer® or My Favourites for now. To tap into the Personal Colour Viewer and My Favourites tools, you will need to create another account here


2. Are there any specifications I must tailor my password to? How about my Username?

Your password must be between 8-16 characters in length. Your Username can have maximum up to 20 characters.  

3. If I’m a new account registrant, how can I create and/or edit my profile?

As a new account registrant, you will be prompted to first Create an Account, and then validate it via an Email Validation email.

Once your account is created and verified, you will be able to view and/or edit your profile.


4. I am new to Personal Colour Viewer and My Favourites. How do I sign up for this section to save projects and more?

You will need to create a new account to access Personal Colour Viewer and My Favourites, located here.


Registration & Log In | Registrants Currently Signed Up

5. Where are My Favourites?

Login here to access previously saved projects, products and colours. Logging in also lets you view your uploaded images from the Personal Colour Viewer.  

6. Where are the Personal Colour Viewer, Rooms by Colour and Colour Gallery?

The Colour Gallery and some of the functionality of Rooms by Colour is incorporated in the Find Your Colour tool. Access Personal Colour Viewer by logging in using the email and password you’ve used in the past for these colour tools.

PLEASE NOTE: The log in credentials for these colour tools are separate from your account.


7. I had an account on the old site. Am I still able to login to the new website?

Yes! If you had an account on our old site, you will be able to login to the current website. The email address and password that you last used will still work.


8. My account on your old site didn’t have a Username. Can I create one now?

After signing in using your email address and password, you can visit the My Profile page and click Account Security on the upper left side of the page. There you can create a Username that will be saved to your account. You will then be able to login using your Username–or you can continue to use your email address on file.


Registration & Log In | General Questions

9. Where can I find My Profile to update my information?

You must be logged in to access My Profile; it is located on the upper right corner on every page of the Benjamin Moore website. If you are on our mobile site, it is accessible via the menu.  

10. Will the new account registration page still contain a Social Log In?

That feature isn’t included in the new registration. However if you are a current user of My Favourites you can still use your Social account Log In.

If you used a social media account to login before, you will need to use the email address associated with that social log in account. In order to login for the first time on our new site you will need to reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password link found on our log in page. Enter the email address associated with the Social account you used to log in to our old site. A link to reset this password will be emailed to you. After creating a new password you will be able to login to our new site. Otherwise you must create a new account using an email address that is different from the one you used for your Social Log In.


11. Is there a way I can stay signed in on my device without logging in every time?

Yes! You can remain signed in for 30 days by checking off "Remember Me" at the time of logging in.  

12. If I forgot my password, how do I change it?

Select Forgot Password on the Account Registration/Login page. You will be prompted to enter your email address or Username, and then press the Submit button. An email will be sent to you containing a link.

From your email, click on the link to be redirected to the Change Password page, where you can enter a password (you can re-use previous passwords) and confirm it.

Once you have changed your password, you’ll see a Success window and a link to the login page to enter your new password.


13. I have recently changed my email address. Is there a way to update my information?

Please visit the Contact Us page and send us a note about this change. We’ll be in touch to update your profile information.  

14. How do I receive emails from Benjamin Moore?

During registration, you may choose to opt-in for certain emails from us. If you already have an account and aren’t getting emails, visit your My Profile and update your opt-in status.

If you don’t want to register for an account, you can still receive Benjamin Moore emails. At the bottom of every page where it says Receive The Latest Inspiration and Advice, simply enter your email address in the appropriate box and click on the JOIN button to the right.


15. Can I choose what types of Benjamin Moore emails I can receive?

When you choose to opt-in for emails, you will be asked for your relationship to Benjamin Moore. Filling this section out will help you receive information that’s relevant for you in your inbox. Regardless of your opt-in and selections here, you may sometimes receive certain non-marketing emails from us.

If you are already registered, visit My Profile where you can update your Benjamin Moore email selection.


General FAQ

16. What is your customer service number?

Our customer service numbers and hours of operation are as follows:

For Your Home:
Monday—Friday: 7am—7pm EST
Saturday: 9am—5pm EST

For Contractors:
Monday—Friday: 7am—7pm EST
Saturday: 9am—5pm EST
Sunday: 11:00am—3:00pm EST

For Architects & Designers:
Monday—Friday: 7am—7pm EST
Saturday: 9am—5pm EST
Sunday: 11:00am EST — 3:00pm EST


17. Colours on my computer screen do not appear the same when I print them. Why?

On-screen and printer colour representations may vary from actual paint colours due to differences in monitor calibrations and printer variations.  

18. What is the Colour Capture® app?

Available for iPhones and Android OS phones, the Colour Capture® app lets you capture inspiration colour with your phone's camera and instantly find its match from Benjamin Moore's 3500+ paint colours.  

19. What is the Benjamin Moore ProConnection® app?

Available for iPhones and iPad, the Benjamin Moore ProConnection® app lets professionals plan and manage client projects, take photos and browse Benjamin Moore’s products and over 3,500 colour options.  

20. Can you recommend a painting contractor?

Hiring a professional is an important decision. Your local Benjamin Moore retailer can help you find the right contractor for your job.