Best Paint Colours for East-Facing Rooms

An off-white wall with floor-to-ceiling wainscoting and multiple white vases placed on top of a white dresser. An off-white wall with floor-to-ceiling wainscoting and multiple white vases placed on top of a white dresser.

Best Paint Colours for East-Facing Rooms

Natural light impacts the look of paint colour more than anything else. Season, time of day, and the amount of light a room gets will affect the cast of a paint colour in your space.

The good news is that our colour and design experts are here to help. Read on for tips on how to choose the best paint colours for eastern exposure—when natural light comes into a room from the east.

North, south, east, and west each have distinct lighting characteristics that change throughout the day and into the evening. Elements of a space with eastern lighting include:
  • A room with east-facing light tends to get more direct light in the morning, and muted, indirect light past noon.
  • The natural light in a room with eastern exposure tends to be a cooler cast.
  • Choosing a paint colour with the right amount of warm and cool undertones can bring balance to a room with eastern light.
Here, we take a look at the best white, gray and neutral paint colours for your east-facing space. These three neutrals are homeowner favourites—and the paint colours most greatly impacted by natural light.
A variety of paints colours samples in different colours.

East-Facing Rooms: Increase Colour Confidence

The more you test your paint colours, the more confident you will be in your ultimate colour choice.

Choose a paint colour sample from your local Benjamin Moore retailer, including oversized colour swatches and brush-on paint colour samples.

If you brush on a paint sample, we recommend painting a foam poster board so you can easily move it around and observe colours in different lighting.

After seeing colour samples on the wall, go back and observe the hues in both artificial and natural light, throuhgout the day and evening.

Neutral living room with white walls and an off-white wall mantel, and a white circle coffee table in between two cream couches.

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