Kids' Room Colour Ideas & Inspiration

From dreamy pastels to energetic brights, colour makes magic in kids’ rooms.

As you survey the bounty of colour available for kids of all ages, breathe easy: Benjamin Moore's greenest paint,
Benjamin Moore Natura®, is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ and has zero VOCs and zero emissions.

ASTHMA & ALLERGY FRIENDLY and ASTHMA & ALLERGY FRIENDLY LOGO are Certification Marks and Trademarks of ALLERGY STANDARDS LIMITED. The ASTHMA CANADA name and logo are Trademarks of Asthma Canada.
A yellow-painted kid's bedroom with gray and white bunk beds.

Balancing Brights

Ask children what colour they want for their room, and big, bright hues top the list. Knowing that this is the space where they sleep, study and play–balance is the key.

Here, Yellow Highlighter 2021-40 brings on the bright, softened by Cotton Balls 2145-70 on trim and complemented by Downpour Blue 2063-20 on the back wall. Blending neutrals, like greys and beiges, helps empower the use of vivid colour for bedding, pillows and other room décor–like the cheery, aqua-coloured chair.
A kid's room with light blue-painted walls features a multi-hued bureau and surfboard.

Beyond the Pale

If you’re the practical type, you may be interested in colour choices that will transition seamlessly from infant to toddler to big kid.

To align a kid’s room alongside their growth spurts, consider reserving bold colours for room décor or furniture, allowing a practical neutral or pale hue on walls to stay tried and true, year after year.
A light blue chalkboard wall makes a fun accent in a kid's bedroom.

Writing on the Wall

Designate an area of the room for expressing creativity with chalk. Benjamin Moore Chalkboard Paint empowers you to create a dynamic and unique accent wall that your little one will love.

A lifetime away from traditional black, our Chalkboard Paint is available in Benjamin Moore’s 3,500+ paint colours–so no matter what colour the room, you’ve got a huge array of coordinating colour options.
Orange-painted walls and paper lanterns surround a table with birthday hats.

Keep it Complementary

The chemistry that exists between colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel–known as ‘complementary colours’ in colour and design parlance–is palpable. Complementary colour schemes that include primary or bold colours are said to create excitement or high energy (think sports team jerseys).

Explore how these types of happy colour unions–purple & yellow, blue & orange–can infuse any size room with a sense of whimsy, especially if you opt for deep, primary colours. Complementary colour schemes can be a bit too bold for some, so using a primary with a lighter or darker complement offers a more subtle option.
A pale pink bathroom features a little boy conducting his morning routine in front of a farmhouse sink.

Accent on Fun

Make a secondhand find more kid-centric by reviving it with a fresh coat of paint.

ADVANCE®, used here on these pint-sized bathroom chairs, is low VOC and provides a durable and beautiful furniture-like finish. Colourful accent furniture can provide a smile-worthy pop of colour in an otherwise colour-neutral space.
Benjamin Moore Natura® Paint

Benjamin Moore Natura® Interior Paint

What better place than a bedroom or nursery to use a paint that is also certified asthma & allergy friendly™.

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