Fresh Pale and Pastel Paint Colours


Fresh Pale and Pastel Paint Colours

Whisper-soft pale pinks. Hushed pastel blues. Calming, muted yellows. Pastel and pale paint colours cast a flattering light on people and places alike.

Clean, simple, and surprisingly nuanced, pale and pastel paint colours harmonize effortlessly with a range of colours. Delightfully sophisticated, especially when paired with neutral tones, the soft hints of colour offered by these hues enliven any room.
Peach-painted walls with three jackets hanging from a mounted rack with a black door propped open with a door weight.

Pale and Pastel Orange Paint Colours

Pale and pastel oranges are light-hearted and playful. Here, summery Peach Parfait 2175-70 delivers warmth, vibrancy and an element of surprise. Consider pale, flattering hues like Sunlit Coral 2170-60, August Morning 2156-40, and Crestwood Tan 116 for a more mellow approach.

The direct opposite of orange—or its complementary colour on the colour wheel—is blue. Navy paint colours like Downpour Blue 2063-20, Evening Dove 2128-30 and Mysterious AF-565 pair beautifully with pastel and pale orange paint colours. On this door, Flint AF-560, a dramatic slate gray, adds rich contrast.
Light blue-painted bedroom walls with a white built-in desk, a large bed with light and dark blue pillows and comforter.

Pale and Pastel Blue Paint Colours

Light blue paint colours evoke a calming, rejuvenating air. Check out Yarmouth Blue HC-150, seen in this relaxing bedroom. Pair soft blues with whites and neutrals to create a refreshing coastal bedroom. And use bold pops of colour for a focal point and a touch of energy.

Pale, gray-blue paint colours hold appeal as a slightly more subtle choice for homeowners looking for light blue colours. We love Ocean Air 2123-50, Mt. Rainier Gray 2129-60 and Tranquility AF-490.
A monochromatic home office featuring two-toned green walls with two photos hanging above a black desk and chair.

Pale and Pastel Green Paint Colours

A peaceful monochromatic pale green colour scheme breathes a pastoral feeling into any space. This home office nook combines Fernwood Green 2145-40 and Urban Nature AF-440. A painted wood desk in Twilight Zone 2127-10 balances the lighter wall colours with a rich black colour that grounds the space.

Ready to add the outdoors-in energy of pale green paint colours to your home? Our colour experts recommend these verdant colour combinations:
Small kitchen with white-painted walls, a yellow kitchen island and three rattan barstools.

Pale and Pastel Yellow Paint Colours

Weaving pale yellow hues into a kitchen is always a sunny-side-up idea.

Here, a kitchen island that doubles as a seating counter in Golden Straw 2152-50 is warm and welcoming against classic White Heron OC-57. Raw wood and rustic accessories are standouts in the otherwise sleek, contemporary design.

Looking for exuberant pale yellow paint colours? Our colour experts recommend Hawthorne Yellow HC-4, Lemonade 2024-60 and Milkyway OC-110, all of which deliver uplifting, energizing vibes in any room.
Dusty pink-painted walls with six picture frames hung above a white couch with yellow, pink, and grey throw pillows.

Pale and Pastel Pink Paint Colours

A feel-good hue, pale pink colours are inspiring and versatile.

Opt for a fresh, new approach to neutral with pink. Here, pale pink Dusty Trail 1157 takes its rightful role as an elevated living room colour choice.

Added bonus: Pale and pastel pink paint colours are notoriously flattering, so consider them a go-to paint colour for the bedroom or bathroom. Glow-worthy pale pink hues include Frosted Petal 2089-70, Dream Whip 2174-60 and Head Over Heels AF-250. Love pink? Check out more pink paint colours for your home.
Off-white exterior siding with a blue bench holding a pitcher of lemonade.

Pale & Pastels: Go Alfresco!

White and off-white paint colours are classic choices for home exteriors.

Adding a burst of colour against neutral exterior siding with pale and pastel accents is a fun way to energize any exterior. This blue bench painted in Summer Blue 2067-50 adds a chirpy twist against classic Seashell OC-120 siding. Consider a lovely array of wood stain colours like Kennebunkport Green HC-123, Hamilton Blue HC-191 and Silver Mist 1619.

Ready to upgrade an old, but beloved piece of furniture? We’ve got you covered with our how-to guide to painting and staining outdoor wood furniture.
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