Behind the Colour of the Year


Behind the Colour of the Year

How does Benjamin Moore choose our Colour of the Year and the corresponding Colour Trends Palette?

Our annual celebration of colour is the result of a yearlong exploration into design, art, fashion, cultural and environmental influences around the globe. From Benjamin Moore’s library of over 3,500 colours, we carefully curate a Colour Trends palette that balances modern-day relevance with long-lasting appeal. At the centre is one special hue that defines the palette—and the moment: the Colour of the Year.


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The Journey

After months of domestic and international travel and research, common threads between diverse disciplines begin to take shape. The result is a thoughtfully curated colour palette–and one standout colour of the year–that inspires us all.

How design inspires colour of the year choice


We look at a range of design influences like furniture, lighting, fabrics, home accessories and more—and then consider the relationship that paint and colour has to each of them.
How art inspires colour of the year choice


From contemporary to classic, we look to art to help us see colour and colour pairings in a fresh, new light. Seeing how artists use colour always energizes and inspires us.
How fashion inspires colour of the year choice


Always changing, and consistently informed by colour, fashion is an expression of personality and style that gives us a snapshot of the moment.
How environment inspires colour of the year choice


Every setting offers its own unique natural landscape, distinct colour palette and architectural traditions. At home and when traveling, we take in all of these elements.
How culture inspires colour of the year choice


Clearly, people influence us as well. Consumer sentiment, entertainment, economics, and contemporary culture all give voice to our annual colour palette selection.
"Each year, we invite homeowners to use the Colour Trends palette as a point of inspiration to bring colour into the home in new ways."

-Andrea Magno, Director of Colour Marketing & Development

Unmatchable Colour

The richness and nuance of the Colour of the Year and Colour Trends 2021 palette can only be achieved with Benjamin Moore products. Our paint is available exclusively from 7,500 locally owned paint, decorating and hardware retailers.
A kitchen with walls and cabinets painted with the Colour of the Year 2021, Aegean Teal 2136-40.

The Colour of the Year & Colour Trends 2021

Explore the Colour of the Year and the Colour Trends 2021 palette, curated by our colour and design experts.

Bright yellow and gray dining room with wood and metal furniture.

Colour Overview

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