No matter the problem, Insl-X® primers and specialty paints deliver the solution.

A long-standing leader in primers and specialty coatings for the most challenging paint projects, Insl-X provides proven solutions that work.
Paint roller painting over bathroom tile

Insl-X Primers

From multi-purpose primers to job-specific ones, Insl-X has the primers professionals count on. A pro favourite, Stix® Waterborne Bonding Primer offers unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging “hard-to-coat” surfaces like glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, galvanized metals and many more.
Sunny, modern kitchen with blue cabinetry and stainless steel appliances.

Specialty Coatings

Insl-X® offers a full slate of problem-solving solutions, from ceiling paint designed to help prevent missed spots, to fire retardant paint.

For refurbishing kitchen or bathroom cabinets, Cabinet Coat is a go-to for painting contractors. With its quick recoat time, it adheres to "hard-to-stick" surfaces, including polyurethane and varnish, all without a primer. And with its ultra-smooth, factory-like finish, it provides beauty that lasts and lasts. Cabinet Coat is great for shelving, furniture, trim and crown mouldings too!
Wood deck with wicker furniture

Floor Coatings

You need ultra-durability when it comes to floor coatings, and Insl-X delivers. On interiors or exteriors, Insl-X Sure Step® provides a durable, skid-resistant finish, perfect for high-traffic areas, plus fast drying and easy cleanup.
Winding paved path with surrounding shrubbery.

Masonry Coatings

The TuffCrete® concrete stain lines offer everything you need for masonry jobs, from bonding primer to waterproofing and concrete stain.
Outdoor pool with surrounding wooden decking

Pool Paints

From pools to fountains, whether it’s salt, fresh or chlorinated water: you need pool paints that deliver a hard-working finish...and that also look great. Count on Insl-X for all your pool product needs, including waterborne or epoxy pool paints, to protect concrete, marcite, gunite, fibreglass, steel and rubber-based pool foundations.

A winding road

Traffic Paints

Streets, parking lots, warehouses and other traffic-related areas need quick-drying solutions that stand the test of time. These paints meet the demanding impact from vehicular traffic.
A field marking paint machine in use

Athletic Coatings

From tennis court paint to field marking paint, Insl-X has a line of athletic coatings that are as strong as the players they serve. Facility managers count on Insl-X’s robust athletic coating line for long-lasting surfaces that don’t quit.
Inground swimming pool with stone decking

Insl-X® Tools and Resources

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