Porch, Patio & Pool Deck Ideas & Inspiration

Beautiful backyard pool area with house siding painted in Swiss Coffee OC-45. Beautiful backyard pool area with house siding painted in Swiss Coffee OC-45.

Porch, Patio & Pool Deck Ideas & Inspiration

Ready to upgrade your staycation? Benjamin Moore’s wide range of exterior paints and stains transform outdoor spaces into at-home sanctuaries.

In addition to al fresco fun, outdoor spaces extend the space of your home. Whether you are looking to refresh your patio, spruce up your front porch, or punch up your poolside setting, paint colour and stain is a starting point for bringing relaxing vibes home.

Popular Colours for Porch, Patio and Pool Deck

These outdoor-friendly colours blend beautifully with a range of landscapes and architectural styles.

Front porch with wooden chairs painted in Caliente AF-290.

Porch Paint Ideas: Beyond Neutral

Your porch is the ultimate “outside room.” Before you start looking for the perfect porch paint colour to extend your interior outdoors, consider how much sun it gets, since light and time of day affect paint colour appearance.

Colourful accessories are an easy and cost-effective way to elevate a porch or patio. Here, Adirondack chairs in Caliente AF-290 and light pink pillows add fun against cool Nimbus Gray 2131-50 siding, paired with monochromatic gray floors in Normandy 2129-40, ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, Semi-Solid. Other porch paint colours we love include Georgian Brick HC-50, Hawthorne Yellow HC-4 and Kennebunkport Green HC-123.

Feeling in a DIY mood? You can easily repaint or stain your existing outdoor patio furniture in a weekend! Simply choose a wood stain colour and get started.
Front porch with a light blue ceiling painted in Harbour Haze 2136-60.

Porch Paint Idea: The Beauty of a Light Blue Ceiling

Always popular in the southern United States, blue porch ceilings have made their way north over time. Light blue porch ceilings are beloved for matching the colour of the sky, helping to visually extend daylight.

You can achieve this look with Palladian Blue HC-144, Arctic Blue 2050-60, Yarmouth Blue HC-150, or Clear Skies 2054-70. Pair these light blues with White Diamond OC-61, a cool white trim, to draw eyes to the ceiling, and explore other whites in our Off White Collection.
Covered patio with concrete flooring and multiple seating areas.

The Floors Have It: Patio Paint Ideas

Your patio is just like any other room in your home—this one just happens to be outside! Off-whites, like Cloud Cover OC-25 and Gray Owl OC-52, pictured here, create a fresh, clean backdrop for any accent colour.

Most patio floors have flagstone, brick or some other type of paver that offer an earthy foundation that goes with a range of hues. If your patio floor needs a facelift, consider Floor & Patio, a quick-drying, easy-to-apply latex enamel ideal for lanais, porches–even concrete patios. We love it for its convenient “ready mix” colour offering, 74 Platinum Gray, a homeowner favourite that’s available in either low sheen or high gloss. Looking for something brighter? Floor & Patio can also be tinted in any one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,500 colours, engineered with Gennex® Colour Technology.
Scenic pool deck with Evening White OC-81 walls overlooking a mountain range.

Beautify Your Pool Deck and Surroundings

Whether you have an above ground pool deck or a built-in one, lounging poolside always feels luxurious. Use white paint on surfaces if you want the cool blue water and surrounding landscape to be the focal point, like Evening White OC-81 and Atrium White OC-145, shown here. Or opt for accents with seaside-inspired blue paint colours like Galápagos Turquoise 2057-20 and Blue Lagoon 2054-40. INSL-X® Sure Step® is also a great anti-skid option, loved by homeowners for pool decks and stairs alike, and available in ready-made colours including the two most popular: Light Gray and Gray Pearl.

Need more exterior painting ideas? Get inspired by our home exterior section, explore a palette of 75 colours specially curated for vinyl siding, spruce up your deck with stain colours and opacities, or consider an upgrade to your front door.
Pristine white sunroom painted in Cascade White 2127-70 with matching white furniture.

When Sunroom Colours Go White

Sunrooms, lanais, screened-in porches…whatever name these spaces go by, they help bring the outdoors in, offering a year-round respite from the rush of everyday life. Evoking all things cool and calm, Cascade White 2127-70 is a great place to start, seen here on walls, doors and floor. Silver Cloud 2129-70 on the ceiling adds an oh-so-subtle colour dimension into the monochromatic mix.

Take colours from your natural surroundings and bring them indoors to strengthen that indoor/outdoor connection with pale and mid-tone hues of green, yellow and blue. We love nature-inspired Fernwood Green 2145-40, Tranquillity AF-490, and Soleil AF-330.
White front porch with blue chairs all stained in ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, Solid with porch floor in Cliffside Gray HC-180, Chair in Hamilton Blue and Siding in White.

Find the Perfect Colour for Your Home Office

Create your own home office colour schemes—browse all of our 3,500+ colours online to get started!

ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain

ARBORCOAT’s colourful options include: · 6 Translucent shades (Natural, Redwood, Teak, Cedar, Mahogany, Silver Gray) · 75 Semi Transparent and Semi Solid colours · The full Benjamin Moore portfolio of 3,500+ colours for Solid stain

Exterior of a home in Black 2132-10 ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, Semi Solid and Leather Saddle Brown 2100-20, ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain, Semi Transparent

ARBORCOAT® Exterior Stain Colours

Choose from a range of colours that reveal as much, or as little, of the wood's natural grain as you want to see.